my plants keep dying..

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by macab24, Nov 14, 2007.


    macab24 Active Member

    Ok so i germainted 4 seeds of the strain ICE.
    First one which was the healthiest turned out to be male so he went and then my remaining two started to get brown leaves so i repotted them with fresh compost with a mixture of fish bone and blood. I thought they were dying because i put too much nutes so i watered them twice in passed 2 weeks with just plain water. Well anyway one curled up and died last night and ive just discovered that my remaining big one is female so i dont want her to die. im using
    2 x flurosent tubes 26w
    2 x flurosent bulbs 20x = 100 and two side lights that just produce heat basically so arent on often.

    the fouth seed is still small because it was germanated 3 weeks after the first 3.. it seems to be going strong tho and no problems so far.

    (this could of caused a problem: when i repotted them, i noticed that i added too much water crystals and they had lached themselves on to all the roots so i gentle pulled them off..) probably a bad idea but they looked like there were going die either way.

    GrizzSpitter Well-Known Member

    what are water crystals?

    macab24 Active Member

    i dont know crystals that store water i guess. i heard somebody mention them on here. so i brought some.

    BSIv2.0 Well-Known Member

    No pics either?

    macab24 Active Member

    ill get pictures up as soon as i can. i looks like this female wont make it so any suggestions would benefical to me right now

    Valron Well-Known Member

    dosent moisture= mold? just my two cents

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