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My Plants Are Starting To Fall Over And I Don't Know Why!!!!!?? HELP

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by oBlaise, Jul 17, 2011.


    oBlaise Member

    I started growing seeds i got from some really dank bud. They germinated for 4 days and they where 6 inches long when i planted them. idk if that has to do with whats wrong but i planted them 3 days ago and they are growing outdoors. They are falling over. I guess you can say drooping. The two leaves look fine but the stem is whats falling over. I have 12 of them. 3 are drooping. Its been really rainy here in florida so i had to put them in my car for a day and thats when they started drooping. And then i went to go put them back in the open field behind my house and now all i need to know is if i continue to water them properly will they be okay. And i want to know what the cause was of them drooping. Could it have been not enough sunlight? Not enough fresh air circulating? I need help. I DO NOT want to have to go through this time consuming process again.

    Here is how i have done everything from the beginning.

    4 days germinating
    Planted in small square pot
    Not using any special soil, I'm using a type of soil that is from my lake and seems very high in nutrients
    Watered them immediately
    Its been Very cloudy so the first day they got about 6 hours of sun
    The second day they got about 4 and then i slightly watered them
    Around 6 in the morning i put them in m car because it was raining. Its a black Camaro and gets around 90 degrees inside.
    They sat in there until 8 pm today and then i brought them down to my lake where they will get full sunlight now.
    I put clear glass cups over them. making sure not to suction it to the soil.
    The soil has remained very Moist to the touch since the beginning so i haven't watered them since the very beginning of day two.

    It would be much appreciated if i had some advise. They are a nice flourishing green in the current soil, they just haven't been getting much sun light AT ALL and now they will receive full sun from morning to night.

    oBlaise Member

    Btw they have the two leaves that are from the breaking of the seed and two actual leaves. They are just babies and I NEED to save them! ):

    christhjesus Member

    They probably cooked when in your car. 95 deg F will start to kill MJ plants not seedlings but mature plants. They need fresh air, good soil and a good water schedule. This is why many choose indoor grows to be able to control the environment. I would atleast grow seedlings indoors (if at all possible) until they get their first set of true leaves.

    oBlaise Member

    They are still growing and now are going to receive a steady amount of sun and temperature. And water. Do you think the three that are drooping will come back or die?

    Izoc666 Well-Known Member

    all you need to is stake in there and light tied together the stem...to support stem to straight up from drooping...and put MJ on the shade for few days until they re strong for battle with odd weather...and keep flush potting every four week since you dont use any good soil to keep PH in balance...thats my advice...but im pretty sure others (PROs) in here will help you out soon. good luck :)

    oBlaise Member

    Okay Thank-you. And im going to re-plant them in bigger pots with better soil when they are ready. And so the ones that have problems, i should keep them outside. but in the shade?

    Izoc666 Well-Known Member


    yeah in the shade...if you re going to repotting...the plant will get a transplant shock...thats why keep em in the shade and against the winds as well.

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