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My plants are sad... Wilting and drooping

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by ZabbaDooba, Jan 7, 2009.


    ZabbaDooba Active Member

    Hi there. This is my first grow so I'm not to sure what's going on with my plants, haha. I'm growing 2 plants 1 is bag seed and one is LA confidential. I'm almost sure by now their both girls too :)

    The first issue is the 2 lowest leaves, on both plants, have shriveled up and look dead, but all my other leaves aren't doing this. (see 1st & 2nd pic.) Some of the other low leaves are getting yellowish and look like they are drying out. (see 3rd pic) I first suspected Nute burn, so I layed off the nutes about a week ago, but now I'm not sure if the plant is supposed to look better. The rest of the leaves on the bag seed is starting to look "droopy". I would say it looks like their wilting and the leaves are curling under. (see pic 4) Maybe its just the strain. My final issue is that the plants don't seem like they have grown in a few weeks, since just before I stopped the nutes.

    Someone help me out PLZ!!! Thanks!

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    pepsicola New Member

    your over watering, dont water them for a couple of days and they will pick up, then when they droop after that, they want a drink.
    Bubba Kushman

    Bubba Kushman Well-Known Member

    Looks like too much water and ferts. You need to flush after you let the soil dry more. How often do you water? How much fertilizer were you using. What nutes do you use. Overferting causes deficencys. After you water pick the pot up and feel how heavy it is. When its time to water again the pot should feel light. If its still heavy dont water! After plants are 3 weeks old fertilize with 1/4 strenght nutes till about 6 weeks in veg then 1/2 strenght till late flower then about 3/4 strenght. Most nutes are too strong to go full strenght with pot. Use water only every other time and let water run out the bottom to leach out the built up nutes.

    ZabbaDooba Active Member

    So the bottom leaves dieing is cool? just wanna make sure.

    ZabbaDooba Active Member

    I water every other, to every 3 days. Ive been using foxfarm grow big 6-4-4. I've been trying not to water them too much. About how much watter should I give them each time.

    edubb376 Member

    i have the same problem with my green buddy, i just started the flowering process so you can imagine how bad i felt when i saw it. im just going to listen to ya'll and leave it unwatered for another day or so. (this is the second day of droopage)

    DaBull Active Member

    Looks like overwatering because all the leaves are relatively the same colour. Over nuting usually affect the lower leaves first. Did you notice if this was the case?

    madmax420 Member

    when watering I use a one gallon jug and a 18 oz water bottle. when feeding once a week I add half strength food to one gallon jug then I use the 18 oz watter bottle to apply soultion to the plant's same with water but I only use 8 to 10 oz of water. this is all in veg. as your plants gett bigger you will have to adjust. A better way take three fingers and slide your fingers about one in a half inches away from stem and check soil there. just because your outer layer soil is low does not mean aroun the stem and the root ball are not wet. watch use your moister meater and try a reading from the stem and then the out side.. just a thought

    madmax420 Member

    I have eight plants in veg right now three are of diffrent strain. they droop during the last eight hours of the light being on. when off the perk back up just those three. crazy ph great water about 1 in a half. I have no idea on what it is. they all get the same light I even tried to rotate them. but those three from the top to about two tears down they always just droop the water leaf stems are really red almost like veins. is this your problem.
    Shrubs First

    Shrubs First Well-Known Member

    And I bet you just pour the water on to the soil...How about a reservoir with pump
    hose and sprayer head to aerate the water before it hits the soil so it doesn't just
    pool up on the soil surface and drown the root system?

    blakkmask Well-Known Member

    What ever happened to checking the pH.....;-)

    wellsp3246 Member

    Definitely over watering. but the reason the plants are curled under liked fingers are because of to much humidity in the air. MAKE SURE YOU AIR OUT WHATEVER ROOM YOU'RE GROWING IN. Fresh air each day for the plants is very good especially if you can get them in front of a window to the real sun...

    silentscornmd45 Well-Known Member

    It could be overwatering, but at the same time, keep good track of when you're watering. I had the same problem and I thought I was overwatering and I ended up droughting her out. I watered, and by the next morning, My Baby Girl was back and thriving, greener than ever. She's 30 days into flowering today. =) Good luck, Man! You figure it out, I'm sure. We all find what's best for our little girls.

    blakkmask Well-Known Member

    hey what about your pH........

    P4I2M0P Member

    Low Ph will lead to your leaves curling under and overwatering can lead to fungus that grows in your soil (white) if you continue to overwater you will see little white fungal gnat larva (they look like tiny magets that do not jump) that will start to destry your root system. So check your Ph and only water in the morning and not to much and things will get better.

    Crusher1 New Member

    1st grow 2 short ryder 1 unknown 400w dimable hm bulb had on 75% tried 100% next day leaves started wilting on unknown. Thought it got heat stress other plants show good . 20 days old

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