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My plants are budding but they don't smell like weed

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by jazerox, Aug 22, 2007.


    jazerox Active Member

    My plants are about a 2 weeks into budding and they don't have any smell at all. There's only a faint plant smell, but nothing skunky. Is that common? The seeds were from some pretty strong smelling stuff. Does anyone know whether or not the plant will start to stink up as the buds get more mature?


    bigballin007 New Member

    Very common for them not to smell allot this early. Some strains smell stronger than others do. Do not worry your self over this as the smell will develope as they get bigger, but it is all in the genes of the plants as to how strong she will smell.

    fatherhood Well-Known Member

    ya..some dont smell much at all...funny thing...I have a few growing and let me tell u in there veg stage two of them REALLY smelled like skunk and the others didnt at all...you never know..but I know what ur talking about you want that good 'ol sweet skunk smell....

    UnEmploymentDude Well-Known Member

    I dont know about you guys, but mine smells REALLY spicy! OH YEAH!

    Savage420 Active Member

    Mine are about 2 1/2 weeks into flowering and dont smell at all yet the clones that are the same strain are so bad I've had to tell my neighbours that a skunk is living under the deck.

    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    Normal, some plants don't start smellin til week 5 or 6.

    Savage420 Active Member

    Even though they're the same strain they can all start smelling at different times? (they are all also the same age within a week)

    growman3666 Well-Known Member

    i have plant that are about the same age and dont smell yet, look at my jounal(below) and tell me if they look about the same as mine do

    joannadd Member

    my plant is 7 weeks into flowering violator kush , she doesn't smell at all buds are just bulking up now , using ferro nuites but she seems to prefer water growing under a 600 sodium , hydro , in my wardrobe , my baby is 5,6 tall not too bad for first grow and me being a girl lol, i am just worried as no smell no thc ????? can some one help me on this issue , she doesnt seem to be ready yet still very milky i was due to crop her on the 5th aug, when does thc noticeable come

    Geozander Well-Known Member

    The smell will come in time, some strains really stink others dont. I have got a few in 3rd wk of flowering and when you go into the grow room you are hit by a wall of smell!
    Green Cross

    Green Cross Well-Known Member

    Mine are 2 weeks and if I cut the ventilation (runs 12/7 now).. the stench would drive a skunk out of his own home :lol:

    FrontaLobotomy Well-Known Member

    Some strains just aren't that smelly. All strains will smell of something, of course, but sometimes that odour isn't enough to overpower the chlorophyll while the plant is still growing. As long as your harvest it at the proper time, it should smell much better after being dried and cured, and will be a lovely smoke. And even if it doesn't, that won't mean it'll be an inferior buzz.

    <$toney> Member

    Yeah dude!!

    <$toney> Member

    I have a question, has any1 heard of a strain called dutch? I no of dutch dope, and dutch passion but plane dutch?

    J.Ruhland Active Member

    Thats the truth. wait untill harvest and be sure to cure your bud dont be lazy. cure for at least 2 weeks bare min. that dank smell will show up for sure. Even if the strain isnt a very aromic smelling plant:blsmoke:

    joannadd Member

    would a over head extractor fan basically a oven one get rid of the smell i have a free standing 1 with a carbon filter in, as i have no room in my grow area for a proper 1 i need to do something and quick as i live in a enclosed block of flats and worried that neighbours are going to smell it , i am doing white widow

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