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My plant is dying.... *Pics* What did I do wrong?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by markey, Jul 3, 2008.


    markey Active Member

    In the morning I tranplanted my clone from a cup to a 7 gallon pot filled with Fox Farm Ocean Forrest. Now it's 5 pm and the plant looks like this!




    What could have I done wrong?

    Here are somethings I suspect...

    1. I sprayed water onto the plant leaves and didn't really give the soil that much water.

    2. the area where it is located only gets maybe 3-4 hours of direct sunlight, the rest is shade.

    3. I transplanted it wrong?

    The plant was looking great in the morning... now it looks like it's ready to die, Does anyone know what I can do to help it?

    IGTHY Well-Known Member

    Well it could be all those factors. Plants need at least five hours of good sunlight to conduct proper photosynthesis. I keep saying this whenever you transplant any plant use b-1,it's a fail safe medium like plant steroid so that it doesn't go into shock and it helps stimulate root growth. Always water your plants especially if they are in pots.KEEP SMOKE ALIVE!!

    korvette1977 Well-Known Member

    Its shocked ... water it and give it a few days .. say a prayer.. hold a vigil

    markey Active Member

    B1 like the vitamin B1 ? I will water her right now

    markey Active Member

    any other ideas?

    IGTHY Well-Known Member

    Remember it's a weed that you're babying. Let her go and grow new plant material.KEEP SMOKE ALIVE!!

    blinkykush Well-Known Member

    superthrive get some and give it to the plant, you treat 1 gallon of water with 1/4 teaspoon. By the way how hot is it where your plant is b/c she looks heat stressed a bit to me. more so then shocked, unless you exposed the roots dramatically during transplant, shock isnt the culprit. HEAT more like i think.

    markey Active Member

    k please clear this up for me, I put 1/4 teaspoon in a gallon of water and then water the plant with that same gallon? The temp outside ranges from 67 degrees in the morning to it's highest 92 degrees at around 3 pm. I am not clear about exposing the roots, not sure what it means, I took the plant out of a party cup and the soil in the cup gave out leaving me with the original soil that I got from when I bought the clone. This is what the original soil and roots looked like,


    I took that and planted it into the 7 gallon pot of Fox Farm ocean forrest at about 6 in the morning, The area where it is located gets it's direct sunlight at around 10:30 to bout 3 or so, it is pretty hot around that time and I don't think I watered it too well because I am new and don't know how much to water it, if you could clear that up that would be awesome.

    Ravioli Well-Known Member

    Give it some water..?

    spiked1 Well-Known Member

    Always water well after transplanting and dont let it dry out too much for the first few days and you shouldn't have any problems.

    markey Active Member

    I just checked the ph level of the soil and it's at 7 is that normal?

    outrunu Well-Known Member

    You would want it a little lower, but I would just water with 6.5 ph water, maybe a little less, the ph of the soil will work its way down...just ph it after you add any super thrive or nutes(too early for that) to the water.GL:joint::peace:

    markey Active Member

    would filling a gallon jug with tap water and leaving it over night with the cap off make the ph level go down and the bad stuff evaporate?

    apasunee Well-Known Member

    You have the same water PH as I do,, if you leave it out overnight the bad stuff will evaporate, but the PH will remain the same, you are going to need PH down,,, Youll have to use it every watering,, so it is best to get it, it will be dificult to keep tryin to use a substitute for this..... peace...:peace:...................................................................

    markey Active Member

    you know I think my ph meter is just being an idiot, at first it said 7 now it says 5 lol... this is one of the dual rod ones with the moisture light and ph readers.. I think it's not very reliable....

    anyone know of a reliable one but something cost effective?

    Thanks for the replies guys

    Richness69 Active Member

    I use the Foxfarms soil too...The soil is just fine, stop worrying about your Ph and everything else. Just give it some WATER!! That pot looks dry as a bone. Cuttings need a lot of WATER. In a few more weeks start with the nutes. There are plenty of nutrients in the soil right now to get it going. WATER it!!

    Kit Active Member

    just go to a pet store and ask for ph strips.. they're strips of paper that turn different colors depending on the ph level.. they use them for fish tanks.. they shouldn't be more than a few dollars..

    markey Active Member

    Shes doing better now after watering her with a gallon of filtered mixed with superthrive, but the leaves are still dry and look dead, should i just chop em off or leave em there?

    spiked1 Well-Known Member

    Leave them alone for now and let the plant do it's stuff.
    You can also spray with superthrive, 1 drop to 1 cup of water.
    But I think you have now done all you needed to do with repotting, water and superthrive, just give it a little time for recovery.

    NoWayOut Well-Known Member

    what plant did you clone it from, what strain?

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