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My OUTDOORY is Flowering Again!!! Early Resin Production or what!!!

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by flowamasta, Jan 2, 2012.


    flowamasta Well-Known Member

    shes takin off now!, i'm posting this as a new thread as it's no longer re-veging, she is most certainly flowering, and really sticky already, can't wait for this to mature, may not be massive, but I'm looking after this like my indoor!, so shes done with care, dried properly and haha smoked by me :weed: i will include some macros so you can see just how much resin she's makin! PC310002.jpg PC310004.jpg PC310005.jpg PC310007.jpg PC310010.jpg PC310012.jpg nice long heads !! PC310016.jpg
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    flowamasta Well-Known Member

    noone likes....:sad: shes got a good month left maybe something to keep watchin

    biotehn1c Member

    Nothing like a nice outdoor;-)

    deza Active Member

    Love it! Nice work

    dumdedum Active Member

    Bud porn love it!

    3waygreatness Well-Known Member

    Beautiful. How much your think you'll get off of her?
    Jar Man

    Jar Man Active Member

    Gotta' be in low northern lattitudes to be even growing and flowering solid this time of year. (Duh!)
    Living in the Pacific NW, just not used to seeing a lady looking so good outdoors this time of year. Sunlight is still gonna' be too weak to develop the kind of bud growth you'd see in late summer though. But still good enuf to be worth the time and effort for sure.

    beenthere New Member

    I wish I could do that here in Cali.

    Looking good flowamasta.

    wheelt01 New Member

    Good work. Quite a tree you've got there.

    DizzyMan Member

    gotta come down south!

    stonerman Well-Known Member

    The buds look very sativa like. magnificent looking plant.

    rollandtoke Active Member

    Very nice. Lots of resin production.

    timeismoney1 New Member

    Why the heck would you say he has to be in the north to be in this stage LOL dude has to be down south

    flowamasta Well-Known Member

    nah man, i'm sown south Australia mate! and no plants would normally vegging down here this time of year, she was a healthy little clone i started myself, and started her off in my tent with my indoor for 2 weeks, then planted her outside in a very expensive soil-mix, bought absolute premium potting mix and added some extra perlite to give her that extra oxygen for fast growth.
    Anywayz i put her outside topped her a couple of times here and there, and she's been in a confused state for a few weeks now, but i control how much light she gets by taking her outside every morning at 9am, she gets full hard sunlight by 6pm, and then shaded till dark bout 9pm.

    And she gets plenty of hardcore sun trust me!!! been 40 degrees Celsius and around that lately down here!
    glad you like it guys!

    I'm hoping for about 3 ounces, maybe more... they are really starting to fill out now and get heavy, swaying in the wind!, stinks my backyard out already!.....:shock: oh well

    update.... who knows what day..... who cares, she stinks, sticky and shes gonna give me free smoke


    flowamasta Well-Known Member


    flowamasta Well-Known Member

    it's actually a clone i took off my indoor, check my signature link....

    Bshbloke Well-Known Member

    nice bro im from nz yeah my lil outdoor girls got alil fluf on the 2 lol they not as big as your baby tho shes beautiful tho
    i love ma out doors bro the town i orignaly come from dats about all we smoke and its mean stuff crystals like sand
    but i dont get gud shit like that down south

    flowamasta Well-Known Member

    Thanx man, yeah, i'm shocked in the amount of crystals! i'll post some pics maybe tomorrow, it's really got the growth thing happening now, and the nugs are getting heavy and develloping big large callyxs, and the trichomes are amazing, they are literally covering the callyxs!!

    Bshbloke Well-Known Member

    lol kool bro whers mine lol i love how fast they take off b4 i moved down south i had dis mother plant that was growing between 2-4 cm a day
    maby alil more its amasing how fast they can grow,i could say much the same about ma son lol,cant wait ta c ya nxt pics bro

    flowamasta Well-Known Member

    more green green green! who says u cant be addicted to weed! i'm addicted to loving it! man it's hard to get a good macro shot through a magnifying glass in the wind let me tell you!!! , cant wait to get a better camera! jan_04.jpg jan04.jpg macro2.jpg macro5.jpg macro6.jpg macro7.jpg P1020025.jpg PC310004.jpg yummm!!!.jpg man, now that shots deliceous i gotta say!! outdoor is the shit, i can't wait till this lady puts on some lard!

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