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My Leaves Are Turning Yellow And Drying

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by napalm78, Sep 3, 2008.


    napalm78 Active Member

    This is my friends first crop and his ak47 are just starting there 5 week of bloom. I have noticed that the fan leaves are turning yellow and dying. Is this normal because i have been reading up on it and there are a few possible answers. I have displayed some photo`s of my plants and the dying leaves, i have been removing the dead foliage, is this correct. Any feed back will be greatfull.

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    hollandsfinest Active Member

    im not a expert but for a lil help, looks like a Nitrogen Deficiency! if i were u, i would google "international cannagraphic" their web site gives you a whole page on diagnosing plants, and everything else!

    desertrat Well-Known Member

    it is perfectly normal for leaves to turn yellow and fall off during flowering. the plant is near the end of its lifecycle and it using up all of its energy, including nutrient stored in the leaves. it is a nitrogen deficiency but one you want.

    Hodgegrown Well-Known Member

    I'll second that...Nice AK..:eyesmoke:

    calicat Well-Known Member

    It is normal because in the flowering stage the intake of nitrogen is significantly less than it is during the vegetative state. In the flowering state the phosphorus primarily and secondarily the potassium intakes are increased. Usually with the strains I have grown I do not get yellowing of leaves that can fall off on their own only during the 4th week of bloom till harvest. I have not grown the strains you are attempting maybe someone on here with experience of those strains can be more of help. Best of luck and the plants look killer.

    rahulduke420 Active Member

    i have the same prob on my widow. it hasnt affected the crop, so i just trim them to get them out of the way.

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