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My grow room from scratch

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by Hippie hipper, Feb 2, 2018.

    Hippie hipper

    Hippie hipper Member

    Would love some tips on how to utilize my space better or any General tips honestly.

    Started with a 2.5x2.5ft tent, needed more medicine during the winter. So I expanded!
    Built a 4x8 room(all I could manage) then I needed space for a mom...so took my dresser and made it a mom space! Haha a lot of diy stuff and I'm not professional lol but here it is

    Led is the 2.5ft tent

    Needed a hood to cool the room(hints the change)

    2 plants one is gonna be the new mom (cornbread)

    20170802_150905.jpg 20170803_144403.jpg 20170827_130338.jpg 20170827_130323.jpg 20170908_094326.jpg 20171231_115037.jpg 20180131_181730.jpg 20180126_211653.jpg
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    Greenthumbs256 Well-Known Member

    Looks really good!! Subbed to see more!

    fn217 Active Member

    Nice work! Building rooms is really fun, as long as it's for hobby level stuff at least. It's fun to get everything the way you want it, and then gradually optimizing it to the point that it's your favorite place to be.

    Hydrowannabe Member

    F*cking clean . One day I will have more space like that to work with

    Hydrowannabe Member

    Are you staking those young seedlings in case of something like lumen shock or dampening off happens...or are you curving the base intentionally as a training technique
    Hippie hipper

    Hippie hipper Member

    I try to get them to grow turned from the start. In my experience it makes the "lst circle" much easier, and keeps the plant about 2 inches shorter over all(need my mom to be as short as it can)
    Hippie hipper

    Hippie hipper Member

    Yeah I'm a hobby guy lol and it was fun, fucking installing doors....sucks ass! That took most of the time!
    Thanks mate! Built it for around $100(the 4x8 room)

    gr865 Well-Known Member

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    deep_rob Member

    looks great! I'd clear off the top shelf of your nute shelf and relocate yur ballast there. It should be off the ground (realy at the highest point possible, ideally removed from the entire space altogether), b/c of safety and b/c it generates heat..U dont want any heat source near the floor... In yur 4x8 room, lay a sheet of 1/2" R-Max or foam on the floor. R-max is shiney, foam isnt. so if u use foam, cover it with panda film (white-side-up). Add more circulation fans inside the 4x8. u can never have enough circulation fans. No leaf blade should ever be still.. other than that, as long as yur temps are solid, u look good to go man. :)
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    Hippie hipper

    Hippie hipper Member

    Yeah my OG hood is vertical bulb placement, but that guy is NUTS! So friggin cool lol
    Yeah I should probably get them off the tent pad lol it's just what I had on hand. I honestly need to invest in a hurricane fan. These cheap ones from target either barely move air OR BLAST IT lol yeah temps are around 78° day 65° night. That space where the nutes is made of wood though, thought that would be less safe than bricks on a concrete floor. Has room underneath for air to move and never gets to hot to touch. Thanks for keeping an eye out though lol would hate my weed to ruin my home haha

    BigHornBuds Well-Known Member

    I have a bunch of the hurricane fans
    They move air! But mine don’t osolate
    (Do they make osolating fans?)

    Why not clone the bottom branches of the veg plants , no more Mom room.
    I do this, it works good.
    If you fuck up n kill your clones MonsterCropping is plan B so you don’t lose a strain.
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    gr865 Well-Known Member

    I have just been researching MonsterCropping, I have had hell trying to keep mothers and damn this looks like the way to go. I have one plant now that I took from flowering plants. Took 4 clones each off two plants, #2 & #5, this one #5 survived.
    The one in the lower right is #5 12/26/17
    see pic below, won't let me edit pic
    Same clone lower right
    20171226_101718 (2).jpg

    Here is the survivor of the eight 42 days later, this is the one I want to SuperCrop.
    20180205_090442 (2).jpg

    If you have a good spot to point me too in my research it would be appreciated.


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    BigHornBuds Well-Known Member

    When you MC you want a branch with as little bud as possible ( if you know your going to be MC don’t loopypop)
    I only MC as a last resort to save a strain
    Taking a cut from a veg plant , with some LST and supercropping you will have a bigger and better plant in less time. The MC “stalls” for usually a couple weeks. I have more strikes with my cloner vs rockwool too.
    A lot of the growth on MC is junk, but a good way to make a lot of clones . I cut a lot of it away.

    Your survivor looks like it should start throwing branches , it’s hard to do supper cropping on a MC clone because of the unusual growth.
    Once you see it branching , just keep trying the tallest down and let the other catch up.
    And you can twist them to form the knuckles.

    This is a pic of a MC clone , that vegged for a couple months .

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    BigHornBuds Well-Known Member

    I don’t have any links for sold info on MC
    But feel free to pm me any questions
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    Hydrowannabe Member

    I figured the logic had to do with training. Good stuff!!

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