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    So im getting close to harvest. im probably a week to 2 weeks away. im on day 93 from seed and day 53 flower.
    im going to harvest about 15-30 mins before lights on, cut the stalk away from the roots.
    Then im going to trim the excess off.
    i will then hang for 7-10 days approx.
    then i will put in 1 quart mason jars 3/4 of the way full and burb 15 mins a day for the first week.
    then 15 minutes every other day the week after.
    i will cure for 30-45 days.
    I am open to any and all suggestions :)

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    70's natureboy

    70's natureboy Well-Known Member

    Your plan sounds good for moderate to high humidity. If you are in a very dry climate I would leave the excess on the plant to help slow the drying
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    Nafydad420 Well-Known Member

    my tent stays about 45-52 %.
    Dan Drews

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    Hopefully you haven't harvested yet. Those plants are a good 3 - 4 weeks from being ready based on the abundance of straight white hairs sticking out EVERYWHERE. If that pic was taken on 4/13, post another on or about 5/10 so we can see how close you are to ready.
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