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My first REAL seed :) Advanced Seeds Haze Mist

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Mcwhippin420, Jan 17, 2013.


    Mcwhippin420 Active Member

    Ok ordered 1 fem Haze Mist seed from advanced seeds off attitudes lol I been wanting to get some real genetics hope she grows nice has anyone tried before ?? I also got blimburn fem orka which is almost one in the same they are both Haze x White Widow .... Anyone happen to know the difference one says 16%thc other says 21% lol I'm exited only grew midgradd bagseed which is in my link and have 3 baby blue dreams out a sac :))) thanks in advance if anyone knows how these strains are

    Mcwhippin420 Active Member

    Anybody know anything bout em ??

    kermit2692 Well-Known Member

    lol you paid all that s/h for one seed!?!? well good luck and you will be quite happy with paid for top shelf genetics imo dont have anything to contribute on those strains but ill bump ya up :D

    Mcwhippin420 Active Member

    Lol thanks n yup I'm order a pack of something a little better and well known but seeing as I get a extra fem seed to lol I'm happy about it :) so we will c how they grow !

    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    I know one thing...

    Haze is not the easiest variety to start on,

    The one your growing is the same as Dinafem,Spannish seedcompany, Royal queen and Green house sell as Moby dick

    Dont chop them any earlier than 10 weeks flowering, (My exp with any Haze hybrid is very sensative to Nitro ferts)

    If you look about some of the newer and older seedbanks alot of them are now selling the same Seeds.
    Rokerij,Bulldog are supplied by Greenhouse seeds ,
    Greenhouse,Dinafem,Royal queen seeds, Advanced and a whole new wave of seed "breeders" are just the same company opening sister companies and labeling them differently.

    The company "Spannish Seeds" Or spanish female seed company------- I forget the name, EM probably knows as their free fems are from them.

    Anyways after all that waffleing.

    Haze mist will be an awsome smoke if you finish her of well. as the genetics are the sure'st of them all

    Mcwhippin420 Active Member

    Sweet thAnks good to know :) yeah I'm super exited as my flowering girls taught me alot ! Finally got the setup for some real genetics got 3 blue dream from a o I got which is better but not a strain
    Bred for optimal growth lol I will start a journal for her for sure... So that blimburn orka which is haze x ww the same also!?

    Dmar Member

    Hows that haze mist plant bro?

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