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My First Organic Grow

Discussion in 'Organics' started by kushcrazy, Feb 24, 2013.


    kushcrazy Member

    Whats going on guys!

    figured id post my first organic grow up. its been a learning process for me so far to say the least

    been a member here for quite a while but just getting back to posting and what not.

    got a few nice strains on deck. some are seed finds and some are clones i was given. still have tons of strains to run thru so this thread will just document my trials of each and different feeds as i dial and figure out what i want keep.

    hopefully everyone will enjoy and some of you awesome growers will chime in and help me out from time to time :)

    :leaf:Nutes being used:leaf:
    *Roots organic soil (original formula)
    *Botanicare organic Bloom/Grow for soil
    *age old organics liquid kelp
    *Great White
    *botanicare silica
    *botanicare molasses
    *Sea Green
    *Roots Organic liquid Guano
    *fossilized seabird guano (powder)
    *Down to Earth Micros
    *epsom salts (off brand)

    :leaf:My grow environment:leaf:
    I Grow in 5x10 tents. each 5x10 has 2-1000 watt lights. i use digital ballasts and XL hoods with all 8" ventilation. inline 8" fans for intakes and exhaust. plus i have some regular box fans inside to help move air around.

    i also use 5x10 tents for veg as well. for lighting i use 16 bulb t5 ballasts. hung some box fans and have one inline fan bringing fresh air in from outside and one inline fan that draws air out and connects to my bloom exhaust duct work and runs outside.

    The strains being grown will always be changing so it should help to keep things poppin in the thread and not get to boring.
    current grow is spread out over 4 bloom rooms. each room has 2 strains a piece in them with 12 in each to keep my numbers and everything legal. attached is 4 of the 8 strains i have running right now in bloom. i need to take pics of the other 4. all plants are on day 27 of bloom in the pictures.

    Any input or advise would be much helpful! thanks guys for checking out my Grow :)


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    kushcrazy Member

    Today was a Feed day.....they are on day 30 of bloom from the flip..
    today they were fed...(per gallon)
    21ml ~Pure blend Pro bloom
    14ml ~Liquid bone meal
    2ml ~ Silica
    8ml ~ liquid guano
    1ml ~ Sea Green
    .25tsp ~ epsom salt
    10ml~ molasses
    ~~PH is at 6.2~~

    Here are a few pictures i could snap real fast while feeding. i couldnt get a good reach on the back of two of the rooms to get all the different strains...
    Hairs have turned color in some spots due to spraying. usually they are still white this early into flowering
    Girl Scout Cookies(30 days)
    WhiteFire OG Kush (30 days)
    AlienDawg (30 days)
    91 Chemdawg(30 days)
    Ghost OG Kush (30 days)
    ....getting a room cleared within the next week to run half with Cherry Pie and half with another cut of OG kush at feeds similar to the cherry pie
    Cherry Pie (veggin)

    ~~~any help from you Organic experts on why my Ghost is purpling would be very helpful. i think it may be due to getting a fan that blasts it more then others so maybe a temp thing? or am i not giving it enough P? still new to the organics so any advice would be killer. thanks!


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