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My First LST on Auto

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by videodrome, Dec 10, 2012.


    videodrome Member

    Hi rollitup!

    So this is my first LST esxperiment on auto! I'm not a professional grower and i also work in a little ghost room so..i do what i can with a little help from nature!

    My blueberry grows very well,i low stress this poor lady last night and after 12h is in a new born!

    these are my growing spec:

    Strain Info:

    seeds: Auto Blueberry from Dutch Passion
    Genetics: Indica
    Parents: Ruderalis,BlueBerry.
    Photoperiod / Autoflowering: Autoflowering
    Flowering Time: 8 weeks
    Height: Medium
    THC %: Medium
    Award Winner: None
    Available As: Feminized

    Tent: 60cm x 130cm
    Veg: 1x200w 6500k 14-15000 lumen

    Flower: 1x200w 2700k
    14-15000 lumen
    Light Schedule: 20/4
    Fans: 1 very small(i'll buy a new one asap)
    Container: 11 liter
    Soil: Canna Bio
    Nutrients: Veg:Fishmix(biobizz)-Startbooster(Aptus)-Regulator(Aptus)-Flower:
    I have not yet decided!
    Water: Water with adjusted PH
    Temps: Usually between 25-27 Celsius

    Plant Day: 17 - 12h from LST

    IMG_20121210_150823.jpg IMG_20121210_150844.jpg IMG_20121210_150903.jpg IMG_20121210_150912.jpg IMG_20121210_150926.jpg IMG_20121210_150940.jpg IMG_20121210_151048.jpg IMG_20121210_151119.jpg

    Rizzo00 Active Member

    Looks good bro!

    videodrome Member

    Thanks!I will post new photos tomorrow!

    videodrome Member

    Update day 19,the little Berry reacts very well!

    IMG_20121211_224910.jpg IMG_20121211_224922.jpg IMG_20121211_224941.jpg IMG_20121211_225009.jpg IMG_20121211_225028.jpg

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