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My First Indoor Grow ( 12 / 12 Cycle Start to Finish / Two Plants , One Pot )

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by *. GaMbO .*, Dec 2, 2007.

    *. GaMbO .*

    *. GaMbO .* Active Member

    For my first indoor grow i decided to go with the 12 / 12 cycle from start to finish. I want to occupy as little amount of space and increase my chances of producing a female the best, so I planted two seeds in a gallon pot. To start im am using a flourecent bulb and one small cfl that throws off 900 lumens or some weak shit . This is just until i get some more dough and purchase better lighting. Here are some pics , the plants are a week old. I plan to update this thread daily with pics weekly. All help is greatly appreciated considering this is my first indoor grow.
    *. GaMbO .*

    *. GaMbO .* Active Member

    just got my new bulbs . . . i bought 4 23 watt cfls and one 18 inch florecent tube . .

    melushell Active Member

    This will be a pretty interesting grow journal i telllya'

    Keep us posted G
    *. GaMbO .*

    *. GaMbO .* Active Member

    yea definately will . . i figured it would be an interesting experiment for my first indoor grow

    robbie82 Well-Known Member

    12/12 wont work from start to finish, just wayyyy to little lights for small seedlings

    Also you plants are very much Stretched, lower your lights. How often do you water, and your not feedign it yet right? If I where you I would do some reading here:

    Give us the details on your set up so we know what where working with.

    Purp... Well-Known Member

    That's a pretty bold statement. Have you ever tried 12/12 from seed? I mean I haven't either, but I've done alot of research on this kind of grow. I have also found that it does work, but you probably won't yeild as much.

    This type of grow is suitable for people growing for personal use and have limited space.

    It won't grow too big, but it will give you one big cola of bud. Which can help you save/gain alot of room.

    One main problem here is that it won't work with all strains. I believe it's more suitable for mixed sativa/indica, or sativas.

    You can check one grow journal here:


    12th post.

    Nimbliez Well-Known Member

    You could let them get 24 hours of light for just the first week or 2. They will still be small but your buds could be twice as big as if you did the 12/12 from start to finish. They (the plants) kinda need the flip to start the flowering process well. Luck and im interested in how it goes.

    iBong Well-Known Member

    Hey gambo any pics. it been two months since the start. i wanna see how your plants are doin cause im gonna start a new grow today from clones and they are gonna be on 12/12 within a week or two.

    GREEN000 Active Member

    12/12 does ive done it twice

    OZAK47 Well-Known Member

    :joint::joint::evil::evil:i have the same idea, 30 plants unknow strain, i call street seeds lol, hope all female or at list 15 of them, 1 pound of dope yes,my last grow i did 14/10 and i get 2.5 onces dry, BIG BANG FROM GREEN HOUSE SEEDS 14/10 4 weeks then 12/12 about 7 weeks and harvest so two plants came out 5.0 ounces this time i have to wait at list for 9 weeks flowering after 2 weeks pre-flowering see if i get 1.5 per plant lol and 400 HPS (50.000lummens) from HTG SUPLLY ($150.00)they are really good people.bongsmilie:joint::joint::mrgreen::mrgreen:
    a dog named chico

    a dog named chico Well-Known Member

    12/12 is fine start to finish, 18/6 is good for veg, 24/0 is okay too(for veg). switch to 12/12 for flower, rememer plants triple in size during flower. Good luck.
    d l

    d l Member

    IMG_0230.jpg 12/12 this purp from seed works great took it out side to trim...

    Nolunch05 Member

    thats a good looking plant d l... how long did before you could see it start to flower?

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