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My first grow journal

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by solou1, Dec 5, 2012.


    solou1 Member

    hey all this is my second grow ever this one is with bag seed and the last one was with kandy kush,well this time around im only using biocanna flores,and molasses for flower and veg i only used fox farms big bloom,im growing in FFOF soil in 3gal pots i dont have any pics of them when they were babies only pics from today and will post pics every few days until harvest all comments are welcome thx

    IMGP0434.jpg IMGP0447.jpg IMGP0446.jpg IMGP0445.jpg IMGP0444.jpg IMGP0443.jpg IMGP0442.jpg IMGP0441.jpg IMGP0440.jpg IMGP0439.jpg IMGP0438.jpg IMGP0437.jpg IMGP0436.jpg

    Silicity Active Member

    looking good for a 2nd grow, i suggest using less nitrogen though. also this isnt the correct section but idc, just some people would wig.

    solou1 Member

    oh ok well what would be the right section and appreciate it bro

    solou1 Member

    anyone know how i can move this thread

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