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My First Experiences with Salvia and Nutmeg (Not in Combination)

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by Stimpy and Ren, Jan 24, 2011.

    Stimpy and Ren

    Stimpy and Ren Well-Known Member

    *This is a pretty lengthy account of my first experiences with both Salvia and Nutmeg. I've heard a lot of crazy reports on both salvia and nutmeg, so I investigated. This is purely for your pleasure. Or if you don't find it interesting at all, that's cool too. Just ignore this.*

    Well, I've been tokin for a while now, and I've had a few dozen shroom trips as well. I've always wanted to get my hands on some LSD, but I've had no luck. As long as I have my trusty herb and my oh-so-friendly psychedelic, I'm perfectly content.

    But recently, Salvia and Nutmeg have really peaked my interest due to them being so controversial and with so many people reporting conflicting accounts and experiences. So I decided to try em both out and report my experiences.


    I tried Nutmeg first. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into to be honest. I have read so many different personal accounts of experiences online and they all said different things. Some people said it was a living hell. Some people said it gave them unbearable stomach pains, headaches, and horrible horrible nutmeg burps, (*shudders*). Some people said it was a mild psychedelic trip with little to no visual hallucinations. Some people said the effects were just like weed, but more longer lasting.

    So wow, it's apparent that Nutmeg affects people very differently. This may have something to do with the spice itself, the person's body, the dose, or all three. Who knows.

    According to erowid, an appropriate dose for my weight is 10 or 15 grams. I thought that was a little much, but I went along with it. Picked up 60 grams of ground nutmeg at the store for 6 bucks. I got home and weighed out 15 grams. It was after I weighed it out, that I realized how much nutmeg 15 grams actually was. I smelled it and immediately knew this was going to be a struggle. I innocently poured it all in a cup of yogurt thinking that it would do the trick. There was more nutmeg than actual yogurt and it tasted like there was sand in it. Not to mention the horrible smell. I knew that your sense of smell had a huge impact on your sense of taste. So I plugged my nose while I grinded on some nutmeg granules. To my surprise, they had no taste. It was only the spicy smell that was so horrendous. I got some Groom's Cake ice cream and a generous portion of chocolate syrup and put it all in the blender in addition to the yogurt/nutmeg mix. The strange concoction of ingredients did little to diminish the gross factor, and the nutmeg granules would not be blended any finer than they already were. I put a clothes pin on my big schnoz and manned up by gingerly sipping the concoction every few minutes. After a painful 30 minutes, I looked down and realized that half of the drink was gone. I had already thought 15 grams was too much, so I stopped after drinking half of that.

    So I had ingested 7.5 grams of nutmeg at 3 pm. For 2 hours, I felt nothing except the occasional shudder caused by a disgusting nutmeg smelling burp. At around 5pm, I began to feel a slight mental high. Only enough for me to notice something had changed. I ate dinner at 6pm and felt relatively fine. 30 minutes after dinner, I began to feel moderately stoned. It was eerily similar to a weed high. I was watching TV and began noticing that the mental high was increasing slowly. Mentally, I felt thoroughly stoned, but physically I still felt nothing. It wasn't until 10 pm that I started to feel a body high. It started off extremely slow, just as the mental high did. But then it began to exponentially increase. The body and mental high was full force and I felt blazed out of my mind. It was that wonderful full body orgasm with the occasional wave of euphoria that crashed onto your body every few minutes. I noticed no psychedelic effects at all. I was pleasantly surprised to say the last. Although it took 7 hours for me to peak, I'd say it was well worth it. I woke up the next day feeling completely normal. It wasn't until after I began to fully wake up and start my daily routine when I began to feel the effects again. I was still peaking from the night before. That only lasted till about 10 am though. Then for the next 36 hours, I felt slightly groggy almost exactly like a weed comedown, but just super long.

    My conclusion is that nutmeg definitely isn't for everybody. It just turned out that I am a person that has positive nutmeg experiences. I wouldn't recommend it because you never know how you'll react. I would recommended a very small dose. 7.5 grams or under. The time issue is also kinda tricky. The best option would be to take your dose of nutmeg at like 3 am so by the time you start your day the next morning, you'll feel the full effects. But just be prepared to have a 36 hour long comedown. If you're somebody who enjoys the groggy, almost hangover-ish comedown, then good for you. Nutmeg is not something I'll be trying again. It was more of an experimental thing. And plus, not much is known about the physical or mental damage caused by nutmeg. I think the same chemical that contributes to the high in nutmeg is also in mace. But yeah, it was a fun experiment anyway.


    Pretty self-explanatory. Salvia is an atypical hallucinogen with a fast onset, (30 seconds) and a short but intense duration, (15-30 minutes). I bought 2 grams of a x20 extract. Smelled like catnip. It was pretty gross. But surprisingly it hit smoother than weed, even though salvia combusts at a higher temp than weed. I know, it didn't make any sense to me either. I put maybe 1/10 g in my small glass pipe and sparked it up. Held it in for 30 seconds and exhaled. I tried to have a correct salvia trip 4 times in the same night. The first 3 times I didn't do it correctly. (Didn't smoke enough. Didn't hold it in long enough. Didn't hold the lighter to it long enough, didn't smoke it using the correct tools, whatever) After the first 3 tries, I just felt kinda drunk and the hungover for like 10-20 minutes. The fourth try was successful and I was pretty surprised by the results. I had complete confidence that I would have enough time to set down the pipe before the trip began. In my head, I completed that task. But in reality, (according to my friend), I didn't. He told me that I just leaned against the counter still holding the pipe. I had also apparently dropped the pipe. Luckily somebody was there to catch it. It was an extremely disassociating experience. It was so different from the previous shrooms trips I had experienced. Shroom trips were more gentle. You were in more control. You disassociated and blasted off into space, but you never really forgot how to walk or what things were. During my salvia trip, I completely forget what things were. I was completely removed from our reality or any reality similar to it. Being in my room was like being on an alien world. Before I smoked, I ran through what I was going to do in my mind so that I wouldn't forget it during the trip. I tried to embed it so deep into my short term memory, that I could still use muscle memory to complete the tasks. It didn't work out so well. As soon as I exhaled, I knew I had a mere seconds to act. I set the pipe down and turned around to open the door. I focused so much energy on remaining in reality long enough to get settled in my room. By the time I got my hand near the door knob, I felt 5,000 lbs heavier. It felt like I was trying to swim my way through liquid concrete in order to get to the door. Even a 5 inch space of air in front of me turned into a formidable obstacle that took every last bit of energy and consciousness to hurtle. I was desperately trying to hold onto my fleeting short term memory, long enough to open the door, walk through, and sit down. I had my hand on the door knob, but I wasn't sure what a door knob was. The rest of my struggle is a mystery to me, because when I began to return to reality, I somewhat realized I was safely sitting in my couch. Textures felt weird. Very rough. Almost alive. I couldn't tell where my skin and the blanket ended. They were connected. And for some reason my right hand felt soaking wet. Maybe it was in my head, or maybe something happened during my mystery journey into my room which I don't remember. I knew the lights were on, but I could see nothing, even with my eyes open. As soon as I stopped focusing on the way different textures felt on my skin, my mind was completely severed from reality. The only thing I remember that was even remotely based in reality was a few minutes where I was in a train station underground. The train was a convertible for some reason. There were two conductors, both were cartoonish characters. But very detailed. Very Disney-like. I got on board, and the train began to move at an extremely fast rate of speed. It was definitely in excess of 600 mph. (If I could have even accurately observed speed) But for some reason, I had felt no acceleration. No friction. We had just gone from 0 to 600 in an instant. Since the train was a convertible, I looked up and examined the ceiling of the tunnel we were traveling through. I won't even attempt to describe the colors or patterns I saw on the ceiling, but there were a multitude of other cartoonish characters dripping from the ceiling of the tunnel as we passed by. It was all a very friendly and light-hearted experience. But it wasn't very vivid or detailed. It was mostly pretty faint and barely recognizable.

    But it was extremely different from a shroom trip. My salvia trip was extremely abrupt. Very shocking, very sudden, very rough. It definitely jolts you. Much more confusing. I'm sure if I experimented more with salvia, I would get very different results. I'm sure I could have a much more intense trip than that.

    Conclusion: I can definitely see how a salvia trip can be potentially very frightening to some people. I almost had a bad trip myself. But for some reason, I always have good first experiences with illegal substances. I guess I'm lucky. I've never had a bad trip. Never gotten a stomach ache from shrooms. Never thrown up. Never shit my pants. Salvia was a fun experience as well.

    mightymiller Active Member

    not shitting yourself is always a plus imho...lol
    The Cryptkeeper

    The Cryptkeeper Well-Known Member

    :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

    Very enjoyable.

    Especially the Nutmeg experience. The Salvia experience became a bit confusing and non-linear it would seem

    Nutmeg by the way has be used for millennia by humans and quite extensively in some cultures cuisine. The long terms effects have been well documented. Now, most hilariously, you mentioned mace. The mace that is associated with Nutmeg is a spice derived from the skin of the Nutmeg seed. It has nothing to do with the Tear Gas. Myristicin and Elemicin are the chemicals in Nutmeg that get you high and Myristicin is in actuality a natural insecticide, but it is quite harmless to humans. It may account for the stomach discomfort people experience on Nutmeg, but it is far from dangerous.
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    With salvia I always recommend going to the loo before hitting it.
    Stimpy and Ren

    Stimpy and Ren Well-Known Member

    Hmmm. I've done a bit of research and I've certainly found more articles describing the negative effects of nutmeg than the positive. Could you maybe provide me with the source you're basing this information off of? I'm always eager to learn more about different foods and substances.
    The Cryptkeeper

    The Cryptkeeper Well-Known Member

    What in particular is it that you want sourced.

    Karmapuff Well-Known Member

    Good detailed trip report :)
    My experience with salvia is never not confusing, I smoked 2 bowls in the summer out in the forest with my fiance at the same time as her.. not a good idea lol we where walking around talking to trees. I started to lay down because I thought a war would break out amongst the trees. I closed my eyes and the battle just took over in my mind o_o i also can't do salvia any more... the back of my arms and legs get sharp stabbing pains its a horrible feeling and makes for an awful trip =[
    Stimpy and Ren

    Stimpy and Ren Well-Known Member

    Just anything that talks about the long term health problems that are or aren't associated with nutmeg. I'm not too familiar with the safety level of nutmeg.

    Yeah, I know what you're talking about. I had another salvia experience last night right before I went to bed. It wasn't enjoyable in the slightest. I began to have an intense itching sensation all over my body. Wasn't too pleasant.

    Karmapuff Well-Known Member

    Im sure you will be fine, if the FDA approves it and people use it to cook with you shouldn't worry :O
    Now salvia on the other hand....
    The Cryptkeeper

    The Cryptkeeper Well-Known Member

    Well, I mainly outsource my opinions to Erowid, and they usually outsource their opinions to chemists like Shulgin, Nichols, etc. Who get their opinions from laboratory tests and colleagues, so here's a good article for you.
    It basically discusses what I recently discussed with Karmapuff here. :D Myristicin has been suspected of being a carcinogen, but the tested that have been conducted to ascertain the validity of this hypothesis haven't turned up anything.
    Enjoy. :)
    Stimpy and Ren

    Stimpy and Ren Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I had previously found that article on erowid but just skimmed it I guess.
    The Cryptkeeper

    The Cryptkeeper Well-Known Member

    A beautiful picture shall be your food for thought. :)

    Stimpy and Ren

    Stimpy and Ren Well-Known Member

    Nutmeg cores are just absolutely beautiful.

    Derple Well-Known Member

    fantastic read, thanks for sharing your experiences :)

    Tenner Well-Known Member

    Wow, didn`t know they looked like an alien brain :D Only saw the dried ones :D

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