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My CFL set up for Germination/Vegetation stages using a small roll around cabinet

Discussion in 'Stealth / Micro / Cab Growing' started by Meltrex, Dec 29, 2012.


    Meltrex Member

    :peace:Sharing photos of my small grow cabinet using the wealth of information from all of you here at Roll It Up and a few vids from Youtube. ENJOY :peace:

    This will be an ongoing project since this is my 1st time experimenting with growing and still learning as I go. This is all sooooo much fun. The cabinet was given to me from a friend and have no further info about it. Suggestions, comments, questions, and criticizing are all welcome. THANK YOU EVERYONE, all of you are AWESOME!!!

    20121013_012757.jpg 20121013_012813.jpg 20121014_180924.jpg 20121015_231146.jpg 20121016_023706.jpg 20121016_004201.jpg 20121017_202206.jpg 20121016_012343.jpg 20121017_203313.jpg 20121018_003726.jpg 20121227_204449.jpg 20121229_005836.jpg 20121229_012613.jpg 20121229_012646.jpg 20121227_190220.jpg

    The dark image is another photo of the back of the cabinet showing how the light is trapped by using the vent covers which were made from black 1/4" Foam board. I know I shouldn't have used the reflective tape but it's all I had on hand at the moment... It will be replaced with black duct tape or something non reflective. Plenty of air seems to be ventilated even with the covers installed, much happy.

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    Garden weeds

    Garden weeds Active Member

    What method are you using to germinate your seeds? and how many plants do u plan on vegging in that cabinet? Have you thought about where your going to flower your vegged plants? GW

    Meltrex Member

    Around July/August with some 4 year old bag seed I found while cleaning out some boxes... for shits and giggles I threw them out in my yard... well what do you know... a couple of plants sprouted. Started reading and researching at that point here and there. By the time I learned about sexes and discovered one was female one was Male... I dug the male up and seperated them but I may have done that a tad to late as the female ended up pollenated or turning hermie. Due to the time when the plants sprouted and the time of year, it went into flowering mode prematurely because it did start budding... Anyways, ended up with a dying plant that only got about a 8 inches tall and produced very little unsmokeable flowers with a shit ton of seeds (60+) I'm saying all this to explain where the seeds I'm going to experiment with have come from.

    To answer your first question.... Recently I took about 6 of some dark looking seeds and put them in a tiny rolled up piece of sand paper and shook them up to scuff the outer shell. I then soaked them for 24 hours in a glass of water (water was from tap but I let it sit in an open pitcher for 24 hours to allow the chlorine and what not to evaporate) two seeds sank almost immediately but after a few hours 2 more sank with a little help by pushing them down. Left them soaking in the glass for about 20 to 24 hours. Then damped a folded papertowel using the same water from the glass and placed em within the fold... and then to a small ziplock bag with just a part of the zip left open in the corner.. Next day 4 of the 6 seeds started showing the tiny white root... I then moved them into the rapid rooter, which may have been to soon.. I'm thinking I probably should have left the seeds another day in the damp folded paper towel (Hopefully one of you can answer that for me) We shall soon see if some of these will start to take off at this point.

    2nd question.. (Keeping everything simple and small) I'm just experimenting at this point but probably no more then 4 to 6 plants vegging at a time in hopes of getting some females and just use the cloning method.

    3rd question.. I have a tent set up right now using to flower a plant that was given to me when it was about 2 weeks old and will share pictures of that set up with you later on when I have time.

    What Germ/Veg/Flower method are you using??
    Garden weeds

    Garden weeds Active Member

    Ok cool, good that you used the 'scuffing method' , but i only use that method if my seeds have trouble germinating. I am not sure on the size of that cabinet but looking at it looks quite small to veg even 4 plants? I may be wrong but like i said i dont have measurements. I use a 60x60x120 grow tent layed on its side to veg my plants, with 4 125w CFLs in there and usually veg 5-6 plants at a time in there. Then i have a 3metrex3metre grow room for flower in which i use 2 600w HPS lights. To germ my seeds i use the paper towel method only, and it has had a 100% success rate for me never had one fail (touch wood). A lot of people will say 'when you see white plant it' , now i am not saying they are wrong but IMO i like to leave it untill my root is a good couple of CM long before i plant it. I leave my plants vegging for around 6-8 weeks, just personal preference. If you need any help or anything i would be more than happy to help, GW

    Meltrex Member

    Hey Garden, I'm still going to post pics of my tent setup... just ended up busy and sick with strep this past week. I appreciate you offering to help and all.. you are awesome. Thank you. Hope to have some images up in the next few days. Stay Tuned :mrgreen:

    i69 Member

    Hey Meltrex, looks like a killer setup so far.

    I was wondering if you could take some pics of the light trap also. I need to figure out a way to keep the light from coming out of my PC case I'm soon to grow in. If you could help explain how you did it, or refer me to where you got the idea from (if you did) Basically any help on a light trap. :mrgreen:

    Alright man, take care.

    Meltrex Member

    I still need to do some minor adjusting and tweeking due to not cutting straight and by throwing this together really quick. So far this little DIY is working out Awesome.. it even muffled up the sound of the fans.

    20121229_005836.jpg 20121229_012613.jpg

    Here is the link to the youtube video where I learned "how to" with the black foam board. Hope this helps.. Good Luck. Would love to see pics of your set up.


    Meltrex Member

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