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My cannabis leaves are dying 4 weeks into flowering!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by wheeelerd, Aug 27, 2008.


    wheeelerd Active Member

    Hello im into my 4 week of flowering and my plants are coming along nicely! im using a 250 watt Hps light for two plants, i noticed the bottom fan leaves are starting to turn wierd colours and almost drying out, there are turning like a brown and yellow colour starting on the tips of the leaves and working its way to the stem. i thought it was because of lack of light but it starting to make its way up my plant! i dont think im over feeding im using bio bizz bloom 4 to 5 ml to every liter, every time a water my plant also last week i put about 0.5ml of ionic boost in with the bio bizz to see if it would spice my plants up! i made my reflector out of tin foil if that means any thing to any one.

    Florida Girl

    Florida Girl Well-Known Member

    Generally speaking.... 4 weeks is about 1/2 way through the flowering cycle. At this point it's perfectly normal for the Fan leaves to start yellowing and dying.

    Pics would help :)

    Solo08 Well-Known Member

    i'd get rid of the tin foil first. second it could be overfertilized so you might wanna try flushing. or it might just be normal. without pics its hard to say. have you flushed at all?

    wheeelerd Active Member

    Here are some pics!
    let me know what you think

    Nice one!

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    dr.greenthumb85 Well-Known Member

    looks about normal, that happens when the plant runs out of N, might need a shot of grow nutes but over all nothing to worry about if you plant is an 8 week strain,
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    wheeelerd Active Member

    yer its early girl 7 to 8 weeks but the tops have only started to form it took 2 weeks show what sex it was so they dont look half way done if you know what i mean (this is my first grow so i dont know shit)! and Solo8 why get rid of the tin foil i have ordered a real reflector just waiting for it come nice one!

    buddha79 Active Member

    mine is doing the same thing, but it only 7 days in to flowering... how long untill i have to stop putting nutes into it.. i heard that there was a stoping point during flowering.. was i my resources wrong or right?

    Nocturn3 Well-Known Member

    You mentioned that you are using Biobizz bloom. Are you using grow as well? If not, you should be, according to the biobizz chart. 1ml per litre is usual, as well as your bloom nutes.

    The pics do look like Magnesium (Mg) deficiency though, due to the fact that the veins are still green. It could just be a lack of N though, so try the grow nutes first, and see if things get any worse.

    pennywise619 Well-Known Member

    First thing is first, when you switch from veg to flowering you need to flush. Even while in flowering if you think something is wrong when in doubt flush it out. Also don't forget to flush 2 weeks until harvest....

    morrisgreenberg Well-Known Member

    i believe when its an N deficiencie its more of the whole leave turning yellow, he has intervienal chlorosis, which should be either cal or mag Def. i dont remember, but one thing is for sure, i would flush that bitch, hit it with my reg bloom ferts and hit it with botanicare cal-mag...the cal-mag will sort out that lil issue

    morrisgreenberg Well-Known Member

    also, cal-mag has N in it just in case

    tyke1973 Well-Known Member

    Wait till they are 100% yellow then pull them this will happen more and more through the flowering cycle no worry ya self

    pennywise619 Well-Known Member

    dude this post is over 3 months old LOL

    dursky Well-Known Member

    switch to distilled water and they will heal.

    Greenisgold Well-Known Member

    Flush from veg to flower? Do "you" do this no matter what, or are you saying to do this if you have problems? If you are saying to do this no matter what then you are just plain wrong.
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    pennywise619 Well-Known Member

    I said only when there are problems HELLO, did you read my post???? WHEN >IN DOUBT<, FLUSH IT OUT.........

    Also, you need to give your plants a good flush when switching from veg to flower, this way you get rid of the veg nutes..... Come on man think about it, LOL;-)

    dma Active Member

    hey i cut off all my leafs ecept the top cause my plant was ddrying out cause was to hot in grow box so you think my plants will be okay

    glassblower3000 Well-Known Member

    you're good...thats normal.

    YounqFresh Member

    My plant is doing the same . but it's dead i can tell idk how old my plant is !

    EvolAlex Well-Known Member

    way to use a first post and dig a dead thread out its grave.

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