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My Blueberry Grow ... From Peakseeds ...

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by GrowRebel, Jun 28, 2008.


    GrowRebel Well-Known Member

    Hi everybody ... I'm starting a grow journal for the blueberry seeds I just got from Peakseeds ... :hump:

    ... I see I'm going to need some help with this grow ... Peakseed stated this strain is recommended for experienced growers ... now I have been growing indoors for 10 years now, but I'm no expert on blueberry, or on sensitive plants ... so if any of you have grown blueberry before ... especially if it's from Peakseeds ... any advice you can give will be greatly appreciated ... check out the specs from peakseeds ...

    Pure Blueberry of our own creation using genetics from Sagarmatha, Dutch Passion and DJ Shorts. The results clearly speak for themselves. A little fert sensitive, start with low doses and increase as plant demands. Recommended for experienced growers as it can be a bit more demanding to grow/clone. Unique flavor, fantastic potentcy, very popular. 60/40* indica/sativa. Eight weeks flowering. Medium height.

    Here a picture of the sprouted seeds ... want as much details as possible for this grow ... I germinated 7 and all sprouted ... I couldn't get a shot with all the sprouts showing, but they have all sprouted ... I got the seed Thursday ... germinated them that night and this morning they had sprouted ... some looked a little small ... the seeds ... but they sprouted as well ...

    ... the next picture is of the 9 oz cups I planted the seeds in ... I have it in a soil similar to pro-mix general potting soil ... the professional kind ...

    I guess the whole grow will take until December ...

    ... Will update the thread when needed ... :mrgreen:

    My 1000th post! The balloons will begin to fall ..... NOW!

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    GrowRebel Well-Known Member

    Well ... yesterday one of the BB sprout poked it's head through ... today three more ... so four of the seven have broke soil ... when they are all up I will take a picture ... :hump:

    anyone know whether or not a stable strain like BB would be different with the different breeders?:?:

    GrowRebel Well-Known Member

    another one popped out ... so that 5 of 7 that has broken through ... pictures later ...

    brendon420 Well-Known Member

    smooth sailing my brother

    GrowRebel Well-Known Member

    It's sister ... and I didn't realize I haven't updated with the new picture ... check it ...

    ... one was taken while in 9 oz cups in July ... the other in 16 oz cups today ...

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    GrowRebel Well-Known Member

    Here's an update on the peakseed blueberry ... I gave them a little bit of food last week ... plan to transplant them to 32 oz cups in a few days ... then in a week or so clone to sex:hump:

    I'm a bit concerned about the lower leaves turning yellow and dying, but hopefully when I get her use to the nukes that will stop ...
    check it ...

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    GrowRebel Well-Known Member

    Well I've had a set back with the BB ... I think it was the super thrive I gave them, but a lot of the leaves died and fell off ... one of the plants show pre-flowers ... male :( so it has been removed ... I transplanted them into 32 oz cups so they can re cooperate ... two look like they will recover while the other three are shaky ... I don't want to use any nukes until I'm sure they have recovered and can handle it ...

    GrowRebel Well-Known Member

    Hi everybody ... well I got pass the superthrive set back and the ladies recuperated ... I had three of them ... two where very short with lots of pre-flowers ... I clone them right away and their clones are healthy and doing well ... with no pre-flowers ... the third lady was much taller and bushy with very little pre flowers ... I put her and the other short one up on the flower level recently ... I put up the other short lady several weeks ago and I harvest her ... not a very big yield at all, but she really didn't get very big ... while she was growing when you touched her she smelled like juicy friut gum ... but no blueberry favor what so ever ... once she dried out there was no smell or taste blueberry or otherwise:cry: ... but the potency was very good ...:eyesmoke: however I wanted good potency and blueberry flavor and so far I haven't gotten it with peakseeds blueberry ... it would be nice if I could get a lady that has the juicy friut taste and smell after she dried ... I will have to see if that happens with the other two ladies I got from the seeds ... the pheno type is different on the remaining two ... one is like the one I harvest ... short lots of pre-flowers not a big yield coming ... the other is taller ... bushy with few pre-flowers ... I'm hoping she will have the taste, smell, and potency ... I will update this thread when I get the final results ... however ... so far I can't recommend peakseed blueberry if you want a blueberry flavor ... :-|bongsmilie
    Sir Psycho Sexy

    Sir Psycho Sexy Well-Known Member

    I know this doesn't answer your question but how do you rate peakseedsbc? did you just send them 40 bucks in an envelope and ask for blueberry?
    shipping time?

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