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My Auto Experiment!

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by SwiSHa85, Mar 7, 2018.


    SwiSHa85 Member

    OK, so I've been growing for a few years now and can say with confidence that I'm pretty experienced. I used to be a straight photo grower but the last 2 years I've been trying out auto's in a few of my tents for fun/knowledge. Over the years I've heard every rumor there is about autoflowering cannabis. Don't do this and don't do that BS. So I decided i was gonna do an experiment to test some of this stuff out. You always hear don't transplant,top,train/lst/mainline,defoliate etc etc. Basically from what i gather auto's just pop them in the ground and let them do there thing. Well I said fuck it I'm gonna do all that and see how she goes.

    Strain: White Widow(Nirvana Auto)
    Nutes: GH Flora Series,Cal Mag, Mammoth P
    Pro Mix HP, 30% Coco, Extra Perlite, 3 Gallon(Ghetto smart pot lol)
    Lights: (2) 300 watt Mars Hydro Reflector Series

    So far I've transplanted,topped,light lst,heavy defoliate and use full strength nutes since her first 3 leaf set. Well here's my outcome so far.

    Transplant: Yes, it slowed her down but didn't seem stunt her at all.
    Topped: (3rd node) Again yes this did slow her down but topping has made her stack amazingly.
    Light lst: Only did small tie downs till she started flower and removed them. Doesn't seem to have stunt her.
    Heavy Defoliate: 1 week before flower and again at day 21 of flower. Working great so far.
    Nutes: Full strength nutes hasn't bothered her at all. I did get a tiny burn last feeding but is very very minimal.

    She's in week 3 of flower and I am going to keep updating this post all the way through curing and let you guys know my overall thoughts.

    20180307_175548.jpg 20180307_175622.jpg 20180307_175709.jpg 20180307_175742.jpg

    SwiSHa85 Member

    Week 1 (rooted clones or 3 leaf-sets on seedlings) : 2.5 ml EACH Grow, Micro & Bloom
    Week 2: 5ml Grow + 2.5ml Micro + 2.5ml Bloom
    Week 3: 10ml Grow + 5ml Micro + 3ml Bloom
    Week 4 until Flower : 12ml Grow + 6ml Micro + 3ml Bloom
    Week 1: 6ml Grow + 6ml Micro+10ml Bloom
    Week 2: 3ml Grow + 7ml Miccro + 12ml Bloom
    Week 3: 3ml Grow + 8ml Micro + 14ml Bloom
    Week 4: 3ml Grow + 8ml Micro + 16ml Bloom
    Week 5: 2.5ml Grow + 7ml Micro + 18ml Bloom
    Week 6: NO GROW + 6ml Micro + 20ml Bloom USE UNTIL FLUSH!
    Flush 7-14 days before harvesting(Your Choice)
    My Addition: Per 1 Gallon
    5 ml Cal-Mag(Through entire grow)
    5 ml Unsulfered Molasses(Start 1-2 weeks before flower/Stop 1-2 weeks before flush)
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    MATTYMATT726 Well-Known Member

    You use tap water or ro? Only wondering as im using Royal Gold Tupar(coco with perlite already in it) and have cal/mag for my micro/bloom but the bottle says 1ml per gal. Now ill ph when i go in but wont test runoff and cant really test ppms. So my question is why 5ml when the bottle says 1ml?

    SwiSHa85 Member

    RO water and i use GH CaliMagic which is 1-0-0(weak). Depending on your cal/mag strength you'll need more or less.

    sunny747 Well-Known Member

    She's a beast!

    SwiSHa85 Member

    Thanks, She's def impressing me for something I "Shouldn't Do". Any guesses on what you guys think her final weight will be?

    SwiSHa85 Member

    I've grown this Nirvana WW 4 times previously with my best yield being 3.5oz/plant of very good smoke. With that being said none have had a stalk even close to this size. Come to think of it i've never had an auto stalk this big.

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    GoatSoup Active Member

    Good Looking! How many days from seed germination?

    SwiSHa85 Member

    Cup of water germ 14 hours on Dec. 24th, no paper towel. Straight into soil on Christmas day. Broke soil on the 27th. Previous grows of this strain were 85-90 days from germ. She might go 100 days.

    SwiSHa85 Member

    Here's some bud porn of last years grow of this same strain.

    20170910_210732.jpg 20170911_204703.jpg
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    SwiSHa85 Member

    Today's pic. Still week 3. This is gonna be this biggest bud on her.

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    macsnax Well-Known Member

    Right on dude, I've topped autos as well with good results. Maybe just depends on the plant or breeder? Idk, it is fun experimenting though.

    mariwanalady Member

    That's some real braveness there...but I learned a lot...
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    SwiSHa85 Member

    Well found my first problem today. Even only giving her 2.5ml of grow she started to develop nitrogen toxicity. Leaves are to dark green and buds haven't been putting on much weight. Sucks because I know this will hurt her overall yeild. Flushed her real good and im just going to use bloom nutes from here on out unless she starts to yellow out to soon.

    MATTYMATT726 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, you can get amazing results with lucas for coco using ONLY Micro/Bloom and cal/mag start to finish. 6/9ml per gal M/B.

    SwiSHa85 Member

    It's only been a day after flush and she's getting her lime color back. I caught it pretty quick and no leaves had any clawing. I really wanted to break 4oz on this plant but I guess will see. Trichome production has jumped so lets hope getting her back in balance will help her pack on the weight. Still week 3.

    20180312_044639.jpg 20180312_044821.jpg
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    MATTYMATT726 Well-Known Member

    Im waiting a tad bit more before starting some seeds. Still snow here so my house is around 60 cause i prefer cool to heat. I can't wait to try my Mephisto's. Im not going to bother with grow. The 6/9 micro/bloom has more than enough of what the plant needs in veg from grow bottle anyways. Bloom from beginning should make good ass buds.

    SwiSHa85 Member

    Day 28 of flower. Day 78 from seed. Looking healthy. Guessing she'll come down around first week of April.

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    SwiSHa85 Member

    Small update. Everything is looking good. Pistils are starting to turn and recede. Calyx are just starting to swell. 60% milky, 30% clear and 10% amber trichomes. She's actually starting to turn a shade of purple(calyx and leaves) which is a first for me with this strain. She's super thirsty and looks happy. 20180318_072235.jpg 20180318_072251.jpg 20180318_072321.jpg 20180318_072358.jpg 20180318_072425.jpg

    MATTYMATT726 Well-Known Member

    Wow, that looks amazing.

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