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My 700w led 5w diode grow

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Farkerr87, Sep 7, 2013.


    Farkerr87 Member

    This is the adjustable spectrum led light

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    Farkerr87 Member

    Here r a couple recent pics hope they come out ok
    On Monday ill upload so white light pics

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    jackbukc Member

    Nice bro. Yea I didn't get the marz light afterall. I'm guna stick with my 300w led and about 500 actual Watts of cfls for now till I find a way to make my own led. Oh and by the way when going full hydro be carefully not to over fertilize like I did. It was my first grow ant they guy I got the gear from told me I can start at aggressive veg (1500ppm) boy am I glad I had some strong ass strains. One week old plants in 1500ppm water and they still didn't die. But my guy at the local hydro shop told me they would of been dead within an hour. But I got lucky this time. So from now on I'm starting with very low ferts. You wont have deficiency untilled maybe the 4th week when the plants get really thirsty and ur Ph starts to drop instead of climb. Well good luck on ur grow. Ill try and post pix of my 300w led grow

    Farkerr87 Member

    Yeh I wish the mars light had adjustable spectrums I recon it would work 100x better then but all well it's working good I just got to sort out my fertilizing :/ lol
    ah cool send some pics wen u r set up man

    hyroot Well-Known Member


    balakoth Active Member

    Im confused.. I guess.. the LED was burning your plants? The greatness of LED is the heat release and how you CAN get them close to the plants... I use an 800w Solarstorm and during bloom I run it at 12 to 14 inches from the plant.

    Farkerr87 Member

    I was worried because they r 5w LEDs not the 3w ones they do produce heat but no were near as much as a conventional light. I probably have to lower it but ATM still need to set some things up properly. Still learning with this grow I only going off wat I was told to do basically

    Farkerr87 Member

    you done research on them have you? I've looked into alot of different led lights and there is a small small handful of 5w diode lights.
    Mars lights are well constructed and use good quality diodes along with the lumigrow lights


    hyroot Well-Known Member

    I wasn't knocking the mars (lg solutions) just the lumigrow. The ones i listed above are far better. They are the flagship panels. They use top bin cree leds. Cree is the best led on the market. They all cost far less than lumigrow.

    A51 uses 5w and 3w on one panel and all 5w on another panel. The 5w on the lumigrow are dual lead. 2 3 watts led inside one lense. Which do not last. The lumigrows don't last as long. They pack too much wattage into a small panel. 5w doesn't necessarily mean better. It depends what they are driven too. The lumigrow 5w pull 3 w each. A51 have twice the umole/s as lumigrow and a larger footprint.



    https://www.apachetechinc.com/ apache doesn't have all their panels on their site. Email them. they use a differnt led designed by nasa. its proprietary.


    the cree globes use x- te which i like more than the x-pg which a51 use,

    Read all the threads in the led section too

    Farkerr87 Member

    Cheers hyroot it's great info do any of them offer a adjustable light spectrum?

    hyroot Well-Known Member

    No they don't need it. As long as you have white leds, you are all good.

    The hans led ( bonsai hero), you can adjust the power so only so many led's turn on. That works best at full power and same for a51. That has a veg mode. So on the red and white panel. Only the whites turn on. The all white panel. half the whites turn on in veg mode

    Camnibus Member

    You guys only run LED's cause they look cool when you're baked :sleep:

    Farkerr87 Member

    Here are some up date pics I really havnt had time to scratch my arse due to work but they r coming along alright considering
    i still have to sort my watering and feeding out

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    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member

    How much height have you got to play with man? Those things will double maybe triple in height when they go to flower hey ;)

    jjoe75 Active Member

    They kinda look stretched out to me. I have never tried led but a friend of mine in the midwest us tried them because he read some shit and thougbt they were the next best thing..... he was wrong, produced 2 low yields and dumped them to go back to mh/hps. I hope they work out for you but hps and mh are tried and true. My dad always said if it aint broke dont fix it!. Good luck bro and keep us updated.

    Farkerr87 Member

    Got 4feet to play with roughly. There are three that were really stretched to start with because I had them sitting on window sill to start with n they just stretched bit they have thickened up alot and seem to be going really well. I might top them Tuesday to make them thicken up a bit more they are only a foot tall ATM so will see :)

    Farkerr87 Member

    In theory the should work as well if not better as they do produce a more pure light and with the 5watt diodes and they r good quality ones I should be getting the light spectrums that I need yet ill admit I have NOT set my room up properly either as this is first go at grow room and flying blind with the LEDs as no one ha used the 5w ones. Have had alot of interest in my grow results so yeh we will have to wait n see.
    Ill have to do a comparison grow next if not too good

    vegeing New Member

    How much you spend for 700W LED?

    Farkerr87 Member

    480 delivered n 3yr warranty

    bwest Well-Known Member

    Almost $500 in lights to grow those plants? I know you said they stretched on windowsill. I will wait to judge til you are done, but don't look to promising to me.

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