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My 3 week old plant has grown four leaves at one time..?? Pics

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by vfwvn, Feb 19, 2008.


    vfwvn Well-Known Member

    This particular plant was seed planted in dirt 3 weeks- 5days ago, indica dominate, she's (hopefully) about 6inches tall and has 6 or seven sets of true leaves. Very healthy, however on the 5th set of leaves I noticed she grew four rather than the normal two at a time .. any comments.... overall she's very healthy and grows a set every 2/3 days now... here's some pics ??

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    Budda_Luva Well-Known Member

    uhhh did u top her?

    dr.greenthumb85 Well-Known Member

    badass, i'd feel lucky about that one, bushy plants are always a good thing.

    hothousemary Well-Known Member

    they are looking pretty good to me! Nice and bushy means more bud sites! I hope you are planning on starting a grow journal, Its a great to get good advice all the way through your grow!

    theloadeddragon Well-Known Member

    mine are doing that as well... indeed I have noticed that happen with alot of plants... usually in between 11-25 days old, when the just start branching out.

    dr.greenthumb85 Well-Known Member

    what strains are those plants just out of curiosity. i'd love to breed that trait in to a nice sativa dom strain.

    oGipRotRe Well-Known Member

    *envious glare*

    if it did that on it's own you should clone it and see if it's clones do the same thing! It's definitely off to a good start, I just hope it's a female and you start a journal for it!

    dankiestdank Well-Known Member

    That's awesome! A good thing. Do what oGip said and clone it for good grows in the future. And start a journal. :D

    vfwvn Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your interest, I originally posted this last Feb. and I harvested my six girls April 15th, the pic above is her, she also had 5 sisters. Very fast growing under my 1000w hps. 6 weeks veg. 6 weeks bud'n and ended up very nice with alittle under 16oz. Been smokin em now for a few months and wow am so pleased. Gonna be a very nice summer indeed.

    captain792000 New Member

    nice....very fast indeed.... 6 weeks in flower and ready to harvest?? I definately need to invest in a hps system next time around...

    vfwvn Well-Known Member

    hi... yeah I harvested after 6 weeks of 12/12 lights, big lights big results.. good luck to ya.

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