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musty smell help

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by Like Father Like Son, Oct 31, 2009.

    Like Father Like Son

    Like Father Like Son Active Member

    ok i got really good bud that ive had for about a month its starting to get a musty smell
    the smell is very slight but it doesn't smell right. is there any way to get rid of the smell.
    thanks any advice?????

    juggyblaze Member

    was the bud fresh?? maybe it needs to be dried out better. sounds like it might be going moldy on you.
    Like Father Like Son

    Like Father Like Son Active Member

    the buds are totally dry not moldy but may have been on there way there but their dried out
    and just wondering if there is anything i can do for a musty smell how do i get to to smell like budz again?

    ltz40055 Well-Known Member

    put them in a jar cure them until the smell comes back but only if they are dry enough to place in a jar. if not put them in a paper bag until they are dry .
    Like Father Like Son

    Like Father Like Son Active Member

    the bud is dry its got like no moisture left
    but it stopped smelling skunky citrusy and smells musty but you still get high as hell ? how do i get my smell back im thinking i might put orange peels in the bag to see what happens ive tryed letting it air out and cure it more but nothings workin? help anyone?

    ltz40055 Well-Known Member

    you can take a small piece of napkin that is damp place it in a jar and then place the jar on top of your PC or some place that would be warm for a while. this should rehydrate your bud with no added taste or smell but bring back all the original smells and taste.
    Green Cross

    Green Cross Well-Known Member

    You can add moisture using a fresh MJ leaf, a piece of fruit (orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime, pineapple, etc, or one of those moisture pillows they use to keep cigars fresh - any paper product with some distilled water on it will work too.

    Hydrating it, may freshen it up, or not, but It's worth a try.

    If you use fruit just keep an eye out for mold

    BlessAmerica Well-Known Member


    Musty smell comes from only two things in all my experiance. 1) Mold, and yes it can mold without you seeing it on the buds, so unless your looking all over with a hand lens it could very well be mold. 2) If you are sure its not mold (which you seem to be) then you probably have been storing it in air tight container too long without burping it. After a while the lack of gas exchange mixed with stale air makes the skunky smell gets so strong it turns. This has happened to me several times when I stop curing too soon and leave a jar untouched for a couple weeks. ALWAYS INSPECT FOR MOLD, its not good at all to smoke. A friend up in GA drove down to visit and gave me some fresh bud in a pill bottle and said "can use some more curing." I placed it in my luggage and forgot about it. Its only been a week and when I opened it this morning it had a stong spicy musty smell to it, I pulled it out and looked at it, covered in white mildew. He musta put it in there still wet. Point being, a sharp musty smell is almost always mold.

    If you want to rehydrate your bud I would take a paper towel, soak it in hot water, squeeze most H2O out, place it in the bottom of a tupperware, and place your bud above it on a screen that keeps it from direct contact. Within a couple hours it should be rehydrated. To prevent future crispy critters, dry your buds until all of the vegitation is dry, and stems are dry, but NOT to the point of where the snap with the dry leaf sound, that way when you cure it, it doesnt get too dry and musty.

    Either way exercise caution, too much moisture=mold, not enough= bad taste/odor/harsh.

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    Like Father Like Son

    Like Father Like Son Active Member

    thanks for everything guys
    means a lot

    bigweeds Active Member

    Very well explained + rep
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    webstar5 Active Member

    There are two things I like to do to rehydrate bud. One is put some lemon peel in a glass jar with the bud to give it a citrus kick. The other is to put some stems into the jar with the bud.

    grapesnowcone Well-Known Member

    orange peels

    jjf1978 Well-Known Member

    Yes this is the exact problem I think I am having with my last harvest. I *thought* I was sure there is no mold but I'll go look at them again. But I think I just left them in the jars too long in the first week of curing.

    I assume you close the tupperware for a few hours right? Not leave it open? Just to be 100% sure lol.

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