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Mushrooms - Pf Tek Supply list, Questions, Other Teks

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by DarthD3vl, Jan 3, 2011.


    DarthD3vl Well-Known Member

    Feel free to add anything I missed or you do differently or ask questions!!

    If you already grow mushrooms please sub to this to help others if they ask questions I know theres alot of you out there ANC, Heatlessbbq, dankiller, 420 God, Research Kitty, Sonar, Choempi, Canndo ...and many many more

    Also if you have questions you can ask them here

    not everything is on first page... some things are deeper in the thread.. read first few pages at least..
    and follow links for much more indepth look at each subject.. I had no need to copy n paste from other sites..

    half pint tapered jars


    organic brown rice flour (coffe grinder if you make your own from rice)


    distilled water (I just use plain tap normally but distilled is prefered)



    fruiting chamber like A shot gun terr. or a martha terr.


    or http://www.shroomery.org/9664/Cybers-Martha-Tek

    but that shot gun one normally needs more holes than are pictured

    glove box or flow hood (hepa filter and fan needed for flowhood)

    Calibrated Anolog Hygrometer http://www.shroomery.org/38/Calibrate-Your-Hygrometer


    extra fine mist spray bottle

    pressure cooker or pot with tight fitting lid (pressure cooker prefered)


    micropore tape

    daylight spectrum floresent light

    alcohol lamp, I use shot glass flipped upside down with alcohol on top but the lamp
    would come in handy for those times you spill fire every were

    Sonar made his own Alchy lamp, here his awsome post!

    *incubator (only needed if temps are below I think its 76 F)

    two rubbermaids

    adjustable aquarium heater

    drying those bad boys
    depending on amount you could use

    fan and spagetti strainer

    box with screen and dessacant

    or food dehydrator

    pf tek at shroomery (grow guide)

    moved this quote to the first page, cause it answers pretty common questions

    I normally use sporeworks for spores. if you have an accoutn at shroomery, mention it and they'll send you a free spore syringe.

    Any tek, any question, anything mushroom is welcome here.

    I no longer feel the need to grow mushrooms or take them. They have helped me in so many ways, I can't begin to count them. I still belive in their power, and hope anyone who needs them finds them, and I hope you all learn the love of the Universe. Meditation is now my favorite and only "Drug". Till my path leads me back.
    I love you all. - D3VL

    "Psychedelic experience is only a glimpse of genuine mystical insight, but a glimpse which can be matured and deepened by the various ways of meditation in which drugs are no longer necessary or useful. If you get the message, hang up the phone. For psychedelic drugs are simply instruments, like microscopes, telescopes, and telephones. The biologist does not sit with eye permanently glued to the microscope, he goes away and works on what he has seen..."
    -- Alan Watts

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    PStanky Active Member


    MASS97 Active Member

    Thanks Darth!!! Subbed. I'll be keeping up to make sure I've got the bases covered!
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    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    + rep darth.
    and subbed.

    this thread should be stickied in the future.

    hopefully the mods will like it =]

    im more than happy to help with questions.

    good call darth. =]
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    DarthD3vl Well-Known Member

    Liquid Culture

    make from spores or tissue
    i've succsefully used this tek by cyber twice


    and im going to try this tek anc posted next time also, its what he uses

    you can also use fresh tissue from inside the cap to make a lc..

    LC's DO NOT WORK VERY WELL WITH BRF.. but they can.. just workbetter for WBS or Grains

    I've actually had decent success with liquid culture and brf cakes, but alot of others dont.

    I use about one cc of liquid culture, you could use half a cc if your hands are steady enough.

    make sure to wait till its fully cooled, so not to kill the spores/agar/fresh tissue

    you should see small white growth in 3-4 days, dont check untill then.
    shake jar to break up mycelium, back in the dark foranother 4-6 days and it should have lots of white mycelium floating in it.

    Here is a tutorial put together by Sonar
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    choempi Well-Known Member

    If you have a fresh mush you like make your LC and then innoculate it with a syringe clone, super easy and totally works.

    Pick out the mush that ideally is medium height and is a part of a mutiple growth, meaning 2 or more mush attached at the sub level sharing roots. Prep your glove box, with a sterile syringe filled with distilled water, or 2 or 3, your jar or jars of PCed LC of your choice at room temp, 70% alcohol with sterile swabs or what, and clean hands or gloves.

    Pluck the mush, and inside your box swab opposing sides of the stem, with the 70%, a bit up from the base... Flame a syringe needle that hasthe sterile distilled water in it, then plunge at an angle through the stem that you have swabbed. You are filling the hollow of the needle with a core of the stem, so a more acute angle will fill the hollow with more material :hump: Do not flame the needle again, it has your viable material inside.

    Swab the port of your LC jar and then quickly with force expell said matter into the LC. Done.:joint::joint::joint:

    You now have a clone LC and will exhibit an accross the board similarity at flush, meaning better and more efficient pinsets and final yields, not to mention a dose you can count on as being consistent with the original fruit body..:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
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    DarthD3vl Well-Known Member

    Nice!!! I haven't seen that method before im going to give it a try, I normally take flesh from inside of the cap with a scalpel or innoculating hoop, and I use peroxide to clean the mushie before cutting in, just some other alternatives. the rest of my process is pretty much the same...

    Also would some one mind posting a how to make a polyfill lid tek, I would but I actually haven't done any of those successfully yet so..... but I hear the extra fresh air exchange is suposed to help with colonization greatly..

    I know Choempi posted a self healing lid tek for lc's in his thread.. linked in pstankys post.. there are a few other teks in there as well such as fancy way of making tea

    PStanky Active Member

    not mine but i found this and this is the tek i use hope its what your lookin for =)

    From various sources on the Shroomery, I have put together a technique for making poly-fill lids for grain jars. Here it is.

    -Begin with the traditional canning lids that come with Mason jars.
    -Drill a hole in the center of your lid. I used a 3/8? bit. 1/4 inch works, too.

    -Next, take a wad of poly-fill and pull it through the hole.

    -Then, cut off the excess fluff from the under side of the lid.

    -The next step needs a 6?X6? square of Tyvek. The Post Office is kind enough to give Tyvek to amateur mycologists for free. Cut off the corners and set your lid?s band in the center. (Make sure any colored spots are up at this point. That way you will have a plain white top you can write on.)

    -Fold the Tyvek over the threads to the inside of the band. Begin with one corner and move counter-clockwise with your folds so they correspond to the lid as it is tightened.

    -Place the lid with poly-fill in the band, capturing the Tyvek and holding it in place.

    -Now it can be screwed onto the jar. This will fit the lid tightly into the band and keep it all together as one piece. Once out of the pressure cooker, it can be written on with a sharpie; date, species strain, etc.

    Recycled jars (and lids) can be used, too. With these modifications to the steps above, here?s how. In the pictures, an empty spaghetti sauce jar is used.

    -Your 6 X 6 piece of Tyvek should be cut into a circle with a diameter approximately one inch wider than the chosen lid. Use your lid as a template.

    -Place the lid in the palm and fold the Tyvek into the treads of the lid. Since this lid is smaller than the Mason jar lids, this takes a little dexterity.

    -Then, while holding the lid and Tyvek, place the combo on the jar and tighten. This will help put the Tyvek in the right place.

    -Tightened once, the lid will keep its Tyvek in place pretty well.

    This method makes the lids easier to work with. No rubber-bands to deal with. You can also use them more than once. I?ve used the same lids for at least three different grain projects consecutively with no problems. (PC?d for 60 min.) If a jar contaminates, though, the lid should not be used again. But it?s so easy to make these; you can replace the Poly-fill and Tyvek with ease.
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    mescalinebandit420 Well-Known Member

    right on darth. dam, i asked u to make me a list to start a setup. i wouldnt have thought to make a thread out of it. (i guess i was just that baked at the time. haha) what a great idea. i plan on startin me a setup soon and appreciate darth making this thread to help me and any other rookies out. and thanks to all the brothers and sisters who bless this thread with their mass knowledge of the sacred cubensis fungus.

    10001110101 Member

    Subbed + rep, friend. For everyone who has got the PF tek down pretty well, I suggest reading any of Paul Stamets books. My personal reccomendation would be Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms. Not really too much on Cubensis in there, but many of the other mushrooms' growth parameters are similar. He also goes into techniques for bulk substrates, liquid media, and the more complex aspects of mycology. Its really not a difficult read, considering.

    choempi Well-Known Member

    This thread is a really good idea on RUI, should be a sticky. Especially since this forum has not a one...
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    weasels911 Well-Known Member

    What is the white tray in your fc called and where should I be able to find one?
    Do you still have holes in the bottom of your fc with cakes raised like that?

    10001110101 Member

    Sorry if im stepping on toes here, but the white tray can be bought at lowes, home depot, etc. as a cover/diffuser for fluorescent shop lights........

    DarthD3vl Well-Known Member

    its not my picture, but yes you would need holes in the bottom of the tub still, the tray is just so that shrooms can grow out of the bottom of the cake as well as letting more perlite wick more moisture into the air. also some time you may like double the amount of holes that are in the tub.

    DarthD3vl Well-Known Member

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    DarthD3vl Well-Known Member

    Spore prints

    90% iso alcohol or as strong as you can get
    glass tumblers (cups)
    cotton balls or tissue (to swab alcohol)
    sterile scalpel or blade of some sort
    paper towels
    flat surface in a dark cool place

    Wait untill the mushrooms have fully popped their veils.

    10.jpg (not ready yet)
    wait till cap is fully open, about a day after you would normally pick them

    wash hands, make sure to be sterile, I normally do everything in a glove box.

    soak paper towel in alcohol and let dry completely, higher the alcohol content the faster it dries

    make foil squares, fold them in half and re open and swab them with alcohol, swab glasses with alcohol aslo.

    lay a few layers of paper towels down place foil squares on towels.

    pick a nice fully opened mushroom, cut the cap off with a sterile blade at top of stem just below gills, some use a sterile fish hook to grip the cap so they dont use their hands.

    place the cap gills down on one half of the foil (not on the crease) and put glass over them, be sure that at least part of the glass is on the towels only, you dont want an airtight seal around the mushroom or water will build up on your print, you need to allow humidity a way out. (through the towels)

    repeat for as many spore print as you need, then place a clean towel or blanket over them, and leave for 24 hours.

    after 12-24 hours lift off the glasses and remove the cap, (you can now dry the cap or just eat it) fold the foil over the print to close it, only fold over two side leaving one part slightly open for the print to fully dry, dry in glove box or in box with dessacant for another 12-24 hours then fold over last part and place in envelope.

    Picture and Excerpt from the Book
    Psilocybin - magic mushroom growers guide
    by O.T. Oss & O.N. Oreric,
    explaining the life cycle of Cubensis
    life cycle.jpg

    Basidiospores germinate to form a monokaryotic hypha, a hypha is a tubular filament; an aggregation of these hyphea collectivly comprise a mass of thread like filaments known as mycelium, mycelium comprises the main body, or thallus, of the fungus.
    the basidiospores germinate to produce a monokarayotic mycelium,i.e., a mycelium having only one nucleus per cell. This mycelium grows out until it encounters another spore, that is a compatible mating type and fuses, this is called somatogamy, becoming dikaryotic mycelium a mycelium possessing two nuclei, one from each mono mycelium

    DarthD3vl Well-Known Member

    Dunk and Roll - pf tek

    reasons to dunk and roll include: replacement of water lost during colonization and fruiting, verm acts sorta as a water resivoir for the cake to pull extra moisture from and acts like casing layer.

    you want to dunk and roll, right after birthing the cake (allow at least one week after it apears colonized for internal colonization to complete)
    and repeat process after each flush (pick all mushrooms including aborts-undeveloped mushrooms)

    use fresh verm each time you roll, you can bake verm in the oven to sterilize, look up the time I dont know it personally,
    I use it straight out of the bag as its normally sterile enough.

    wash the cakes after birthing and after each flush and dunk in distilled water. most of the verm will slightly or fully colonize so you dont have to remove it, I re-roll every time, with fantastic results....
    some choose only to roll the first time, if you choose this way be sure to replace any missing verm from picking.

    cold water isn't really nessacary since coldshock isn't needed for cubes

    some were theres a great little dunk and roll thing on shroomery, im sure its more detailed than my run through.... i'll post the link later if I can find it.

    DarthD3vl Well-Known Member

    bump, some one mind posting a innoculation how to?? remeber half a cc is all thats needed.

    10001110101 Member

    Couldnt have found a more detailed spore-to-spore pictorial if i tried. Not gonna get into inoculation, I'm not 100 percent on the verm/brf ratio, ( I use WBS and/or cracked corn ) But basicaly its a soak, simmer, load into jars, sterilize at 15 psi for 60 to 75 mins. If I'm not mistaken, I have read that Brown Rice is less prone to contams, and thats why some teks say that you can get away with water bath sterilization instead of PCing for brf cakes. After the sterilization, let cool in a clean area 'cause as they cool they create a vacuum in the jars and could suck in contam spores. When absolutely cool, like overnight cool, wash your hands, wipe your glovebox, your jars and tools with alcohol, and nuke the air with oust or the like. Turn off the AC or heater, close the door, and let the air settle about 10 mins. Now wipe your hands with alcohol and let dry for a sec. In your glove box, (where all your stuff shoulda been chillin) take a jar, wipe the foil lid again, take the cover off your syringe, hold it over a flame ( VERY CAREFULLY! Alcohol and oust like fire ALOT! ) until it glows red. Find your inoculation point(s) and either squirt 1/2cc all at once (grain) or 1/2 cc divided over 3 or 4 holes ( PF tek ). Cover puncture holes in the foil with electrical tape. Now if you use loose whole grain, shake up your jars and wait. PF tek, just wait. My apologies for rambling. Hope I could help some. Check out the shroomery. Good stuff there.

    P.S. I actually use 1 cc for quart jars, and from there do a grain to grain into spawn bags. Bags inoculate bulk poo/straw, sometimes I overshoot, and have so much I can actually inoculate my garden.

    10001110101 Member

    Again, excellent job. Maybe one day everyone can be self sufficient, and never have to buy spores. Only way we could make this any more informative would be getting into LC and strain isolation. Would love to help whenever I can, man....

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