mushrooms growing in soil

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    I went out to my outdoor plants this morning to feed and noticed these lil mushrooms in the soil. I pulled them out and took a pic. What does this mean? Aren't mushrooms made of fungus? So I have fungus in my soil or what? This is the second time I found them, last time there were 3 at the edge of pot and this time there were 5 near the stalk. Any thoughts on this?

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    Homebud Active Member

    Did you get your soil from outdoors?

    Wetdog Well-Known Member

    It means you have a healthy micro herd going in your soil. It's a good thing.

    Mycorrhizae are fungus. Not all fungus or bacteria are bad and the plants depend on them.

    Do a little Google on mycorrhizae and beneficial bacteria and educate yourself.


    olylifter420 Well-Known Member

    True that wet! Its just like when yougo play football in the morning after a good rain.. All you see are shrooms everywhere


    stonia Member

    Its miracle grow potting soil in a five gal pot

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    Wet has it right and you must be doing ok. If your growing in soil you are going to need to do a little reading on such things, like going back to school, lol. Growing in a container is just like growing outside only on a small scale, things change a bit faster both for the good and bad.

    there are just a couple of light reading links to get you started to understanding. By the way Welcome to RIU

    stonia Member

    Thanks u guys. Through my reading I have found that the fungus those mushrooms grow from is healthy for the root system. It helps absorb nutes and water. I also learned I may have overwatered a lil for the mushrooms to form. So thanks again

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