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Mushroom Growing Near Marijuana Plants

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by 213ogKUSH, Mar 10, 2009.


    213ogKUSH Active Member

    I have 5 small brown mushrooms that are growing out of the pot I am harvesting my marijuana in. I've been having trouble identifying the mushrooms. Has anyone ever had a similar experience? I need to know if the mushrooms are harmful for my precious plants. Or if I just got really lucky and have some phsychadellic hitch-hikers on for the growth of the plant.

    lind2388 Active Member

    Besides the mushrooms mycellium network using a small amount of nutrients that should be going to your plant they are virtually harmless. They are most likely not Cubensis or Panelous (magic) mushrooms, unless you have grown them in the same house before allowing their spores to be released.
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    yep I also get little brown shrroms growing in my pepper plant's pot after adding horse pooh mulch... tiny little fuggers that grow on wood and plant roots...
    realy seem to be benefcial to the plant if anything... I think it breaks down complex nutrients into simple forms that the plants can access..
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    TeaTreeOil Well-Known Member

    Got pics of them?
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    Dr.Kushthumb Member

    the same thing is happening to me! ill upload some picks of the shrooms in there.

    growwwww Well-Known Member

    The mans right, you learn in basic biology that mushrooms are important in bringing nutrients back into soils and stuff, especially nitrogren as it breaks down ammonia and stuff into easier and more simple forms that plants can use.

    dude i wouldnt eat them though lol

    Growerwils Member

    I have the same thing with my plants, i woke up this morning to find an inch high whiteish brown mushroom growing next to my weed plant in the same pot, is this harmful? or is it just transfering nutrients to grow much better ?

    ANC Well-Known Member

    phot please... it wont do anything to your plant though.

    Insain Member

    Ive got 6 on the go, all lemons except one ,NL. The NL, just last week had 2 small finger length shrooms coming out of the soil, i shat my self then ripped em' out - they had quite a bad smell. The weird thing is, my conditions are perfect (bad for shrooms) but they still appear. Then again, yesterday, i went in the room and smelt the same funk again, this time it was just a small one, i ripped it out again, then tore out the one root it was growing on, i dont know if that will do oat. I rang the man at my local shop and he said that it maybe helpful, but definitely not harmful, but as this is my ONLY NL, i have nothing to compare against, so i want rid of em'. He said that there may have been spores in the canna mix, who knows, i just dont like it.

    .Calico Active Member

    Ah, the mythical Hashroom. Watch them closely. Sooner or later, you will see a catapillar sitting on top of it, smoking a very long opium pipe. He'll tell you what's up.

    OutdoIndo Active Member

    for sure, i would not eat any shroom that i can't identify, but it is more than likely only gonna give u a stomach ache, unless u are allergic. the mushrooms we trip off are poisonous anyway, that is y we trip. In nature animals tend to avoid that tripping feeling so they won't eat those types of shrooms. kinda like poison toads.

    thehairyllama Well-Known Member

    Hes my favorite catapillar. Which I love, I used to own one. Had it in a jar with some leaves and a stick. Smoked it up like 3 times a day. The pillar would be walking on the walls of the jar and then just fall off on to its back for like 30 minutes..wake up and eat mad leaves. HAHA he got smoked up like that for about 2 months before dying. It was a beautiful life IMO.

    .Calico Active Member

    Ah, death by munchies. I believe it's called hyper-munchification. I'm sure if it would have lived and rose from it's cacoon, it would have been the 1st butterfly with tie-dyed wings! You should photo-shop that.
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    kRanr Member

    this morning i went outside and found a three inch white muchroom stem it wasnt there last night. when i lifted my pot up there where two more poping out of the bottom of the pot (the holes where the water drains) my plant is only a week or two old. none of my other pots so far have had this problem. I pulled it and transplanted my plant to a new pot and soil... im just wondering what made that grow there. and is it harmful to the growth of my plants should it happen again or to my other plants

    ujay Active Member

    Hiii bros i have the same question to ask i found these mushrooms today with this clone im trying to grow anyone know what they are im a real newbie grower in terms of weed you can see my grow in my profile if u like and here is the picture of the mushroom any idea what they are?
    technical dan

    technical dan Active Member

    the mushrooms and mushroom mycelium (the underground biomass that gives rise to the shroom body) will not harm your plants they tend to be good ol' friends. In nature myc. has been observed moving nutrients and water around to feed and support the trees and stuff growing above them. As long as the mold is not growing on/ feeding off of the plant like a moldy clone stem.

    But if you want to get rid of them there are some fungicides available at hydroshops, also try to find and pick the mushrooms before the cap opens releasing spores (spreading to your other pots and means more mushrooms). Do Not Eat them you/ I/ we do not know what they are so stay away also smelling bad is a big indicator of danger/ your body telling you to stay away.

    The growth happened there because there were some spores and the conditions were right for them to grow (enough organic matter in the soil to nom on, pH, water, and such) so they took the opprutinity

    Jamie0425 New Member

    so basically the mushrooms are not harmful? also what about a white mold looking stuff growing on the top of the soil itself? also what would you guys suggest for gnats that actually works? TIA

    canndo Well-Known Member

    fungus is not only an indicator of good soil but a promoter of plant root growth. Old growth forests are covered in mushrooms. Those forests never get fertilized, exist on rainwater alone and have been producing the biggest plants in the world for millions of years.
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    MadDog607 Active Member

    Cubes will have remnants of the veil on the stem. They will drop dark or almost purple spores also. These are not fail safe signs though. Like everyone else said, do not eat them either way. You could get very sick or even die from eating the wrong mushroom. However i do believe they are beneficial to plant growth.

    canndo Well-Known Member

    in north America, there are no mushrooms that print purple and bruise blue that are not psychoactive.

    that having been said, if you do not know this mushroom intimately, maddog is absolutely correct, don't take the chance, too many other things could go wrong. best you leave them alone.
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