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Multiple types of seeds

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by lampielex, Nov 22, 2012.


    lampielex Member

    Hi all. i am starting my first ever small grow this weekend and wanted to know a few things. I have a few different seeds Autoflowering- First grow.. Apparently its easierFeminized - No plant gigiddy and two normal Female seeds < But there is no guarantee that its 100 female is there ? I want to start the autoflower one first as i can have 24 hours a day light on it (brought a 90led halo) as its going in a spare wardrobe that i painted the inside white a few weeks back. I have basic compost and some basic food liquid from BnQ. A few of my friends grow so i know that i dont water unless it wants to be watered. (Soil nearly dry) ect and dont over feed them. Say once i have grown this plant, then after thats done, or nearly done i plant the other seeds. How long till they need the 12 hour on 12 hour dark stage ? (Weeks) as i want to time it so i can have a constant grow. IF its strait away i can partition my wardrobe down the middle. So the top can be kept dark when needed. Cheers

    DukeOfDenver Active Member

    Man first grow and autos...it was tempting for me too. I picked FEM. Doing all one strain and trying to get clippings from 5 fem seeds. Try 20/4 the entire time. Good luck!

    lampielex Member

    The thing is my wardrobe is very very very tall. 2.5 meters nearly ! :') so i was thinking about maybe splitting them ? I will start the auto first and about 8 weeks in i will plant the other FEMALE ones. Just to keep a constant grow. Whats the best way of getting a nice harvest ? Screen of green seems like the easyest

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