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Moving to Albuquerque before Christmas!!!

Discussion in 'New Mexico Patients' started by mwine87, Dec 2, 2015.


    mwine87 Well-Known Member

    Hey there everyone! I grow outdoor in SoCal and and shortly relocating to NM. Apartment living in my future, first endevour with full time indoor. I've had my California MMR for almost 5 years now. How tough is it to obtain my Recommendation out there? I'd like to stay Medically Legal when I make the move. Any doctors that can be recommended? Any help is appreciated!! Happy smoking!

    Sparehead Well-Known Member

    Its not super hard to get your card here in NM but our list of qualifying conditions is quite a bit smaller than California's I think. In ABQ I would contact Zia Wellness. I am in Farmington and we have a location here called San Juan Medical Cannabis Center that can help you to get your card.
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    mwine87 Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much! Can't wait to give that a try.
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    Lysemith, Lowkey

    Lysemith, Lowkey Well-Known Member

    Zia health and wellness have a reputation as the kinda shady guys that will enthusiastically run with you to get your card. They'll help, for a price just like everyone else.
    If you want a very legit Dr. try Rosenberg at Albuquerque Integrative Medicine, he splits his time between his private practice and helping to run the MMJ program from the DoH in Santa Fe.
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    mwine87 Well-Known Member

    Thank you. I appreciate the info. I'll check him out. Hope you're staying warm on these cold nights in ABQ. Merry Christmas.
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    So there's an hour left before Christmas, did ya make the move? Lol
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    mwine87 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, made it last Saturday. Haven't went to get my card yet. But will definitely check it out, when I get a bit settled in. This weather is fucking crazy. Love it though. Was looking for something a bit different and snow is definitely different.

    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    Moving is food for the soul. Even if you don't end up staying, the change in scenery and perspective always did me a world of good.

    Nu-Be Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the land of enchantment, mwine! :) I hope you're liking it so far. Snowshoeing/boarding/skiing/tubing up on the other side of the Sandias is really nice this time of year.

    Not to hijack your thread, but I wanted people's opinion from the recent discussion of the mmj card in NM. I haven't been to the doctor in 20+ years and, while I don't have any documented disorders, I think back & neck issues for which I seek chiro & massage relief could be diagnosed as chronic pain.

    In my circumstance, how hard would it be to obtain a mmj card? I'm very leery of growing without it, as I still hear of small-time grows getting busted by the ABQ PD all the time from my contacts downtown.

    mwine87 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the welcome! The cold is a bit much, I'm waiting for summer, definitely. The more I think on it, I probably will not end up getting my MMR here in ABQ. I'm not going to be here for more than 1.5 yes, and all my money is already designated. So as long as I'm careful and extra quiet about my small little closet grow, I'm not gonna worry too much about it. I've heard from co-workers that the PD is definitely NOT friendly towards Pot, but everyone smokes. I'd feel better having my Rec, but its not my priority right now.

    On another note... Anyone have cuts or seeds they wanna trade?? Lol.

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