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    j5isalive Member

    Hello fellow weednerds, this is my first real post on RIU. And my first time playing with a camera really, so sorry if my pictures suck.

    Popped 2 packs of beans, found 7 plushberry and 5 vortex females. Also including 3 phenos from my pollen chucking experiments. I'm just growing these out with half roots/half SS, in 2 gallon smart pots as a tester run. I topped early and started flowering as soon as they let me. Currently @ 45 days since the flip each ~2 feet tall.

    Plushberry phenotypes 1-7, the winner being purple smelly #7:
    pb1-fs.jpg pb2-fs.jpg pb3-fs.jpg pb4-fs.jpg pb5-fs.jpg pb6-fs.jpg pb7-fs.jpg

    Vortex phenos 1-5, not sure which is my favorite yet: (#1 got burnt pretty bad, I guess I overdid the SS a little bit.)
    v1-fs.jpg v2-fs.jpg v3-fs.jpg v4-fs.jpg v5-fs.jpg

    And of my own creation: x@ (untopped) x1 and x2.. (x@/x1=ken's gdp x tahoe hogsbreath '99 x2=sour d x tahoe hogsbreath 99') x1 seems to be a triploid also
    x@-fs.jpg x1-fs.jpg x2-fs.jpg

    I'll post some macro/close up shots if I can figure out this crappy camera lol. I have a monster 4'x4'x5' querkle that I need to take some pictures of too.

    Next cycle I plan to do a run of AoS, Cheesequake, and Space Dawg to find keepers of those.

    Much love! And TGA for the win!

    Oriah Well-Known Member

    looks great! stoked you got 7 plush to look through. Wish i could pheno hunt that fast, lol.

    What are you looking for in each?

    ReefBongwell Well-Known Member

    Awesome just planted 15 timewrecks hoping for 10 females to pick from.. will be posting a thread when there's something to show :)

    Very interested to see how your selection turns out.

    j5isalive Member

    Me too, super stoked!! I am a big fan of querkle, so was super excited to finally pop the PB beans. The smell wafting from the PB's is incredible, I can't wait for them to be cured for the final evaluation. #7 is definitely a keeper so far based on the smell and color.

    As for the vortex, I was really looking for the baby poo or limey phenos. Between the 5 phenos there are some very interesting smells from super fruity to dead body.

    Now for some more pictures..

    pb1-P1010637.jpg pb2-P1010639.jpg pb3-P1010645.jpg pb4-P1010650.jpg pb5-P1010656.jpg pb6-P1010654.jpg pb7-P1010660.jpg

    v1-P1010592.jpg v2-P1010596.jpg v3-P1010607.jpg v4-P1010609.jpg v5-P1010614.jpg

    x@/x1/x2: (@ is probably not a keeper lol, what a weird mutant looking plant. The smell is pretty unique tho)
    x@-P1010620.jpg x1-P1010628.jpg x2-P1010632.jpg

    Here are some macro shots pf pb7:





    Thanks for taking a peep!


    ReefBongwell Well-Known Member

    Nice color already

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