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Most Underrated Strains

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Da Almighty Jew, Aug 23, 2012.

    Da Almighty Jew

    Da Almighty Jew Well-Known Member

    What are some of the best underrated strains out there? And which breeder is it from?

    dukeblue New Member

    sweet haze-Dna
    wappa -paradise
    Redeye Bri

    Redeye Bri Well-Known Member

    Check out this thread.
    Da Almighty Jew

    Da Almighty Jew Well-Known Member

    for some reason im inclined to not check that thread out.

    Jogro Well-Known Member


    CaptainCAVEMAN Well-Known Member

    Magic Bud - Paradise seeds

    bluntmassa1 Well-Known Member

    I'd say the pure flying dutchmen they got a thread on icmag.com in the flying dutchmen section with some great plants I don't even think one person had a bad thing to say about it. also nirvana Ice is pretty good.
    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member

    i keep saying wicked potent & long lasting haze x skunk kicks soooo much ass it isn't even funny, oh, wait it is funny as it has nice euphoria going on along with it's mild psychoactivity, but does anyone ever listen? nooooooooo! trippy, floaty columbian gold is still my favorite strain i've ever smoked, but haze skunk is just as good, even better in most regards. it's more potent and long lasting. it might be more euphoric. it's DEFINITELY more motivational as after a month of constant blazing, you're STILL no worse than having heavy eyelids where gold might as well be afghani. it's mild cigar wrapper flavor would especially please blunt lovers, and is at least tolerable if you're a hater. i've recommended it so many times since i grew it last year and it started out as my favorite indoor strain ever. it's my third favorite after jack's cleaner 2 and sweet haze, but neither of those strains embarrass it at all. they just have different personalities with JC2 having super fun touchy feely effects not unlike yucky diesel tasting onyx, which is underrated if you like diesels and sweet haze is just so much fruitier and a bit trippier than generic hazes.

    it's out of circulation until next year, but not too many people are hip to 8 miles high yet. it's a really fun buzz similar to a generic euphoric motivational haze, but with a little extra psychoactivity that loves music and dancing and that really feels like it improves co-ordination. it's just a nice mellow happy high without any stone OR raciness. i thought it was a classy effect i used to describe as a "hole in the buzz" where you can get both effects at the same time in some strains, especially creeper stone ones, but now i think calling it a "clean high" is better. it just turns the fun of any situation up a couple notches and is happy watching a movie and laughing it's ass off, or playing sports. it has no annoying traits at all and is very noob friendly without gobs of paranoia either. it's a great 24/7 strain that i'd have called goldilocks.

    i need to finish growing holy smokes' malawi gold out to have a better opinion on it as mine was the hardest hit of all of my plants the night i forgot to turn my fan on and everything got polkadot burns that had to be from reflector hot spots, but it definitely smoked like a sativa early on, moreso than much slower flowering full moon highland thai which is almost nothing but stone if you cut it down at the start of flowering for turning hermie, but if it lives up to it's reputation for trippiness, it should be way more popular than just a few growers having it in their head stash and it would also be great for crossing with hazes etc. as it's genetics that are hardly in anything. at the very least, it's definitely a fun smoke that isn't stony early on. if it adds serious sensory effects, it will become my favorite strain. i'll be using it to knock EVERYTHING i'm growing up the next time i turn my lights on.

    sour cream has it's fans, but definitely falls under cheese's shadow. i've never tried cheese to compare it to, but sour cream is one of the sexiest smelling and tasting strains i've ever encountered so far. it's way more authentic tasting and yummy than the most overrated strain in the world, blueberry and it's buzz isn't that much different. it's the one indica i respect for it's flavor if not it's buzz, but it's not a KO stone and it does have some euphoria so it kicks the living shit out of afghani as far as i'm concerned. i like all three DNA strains i've tried for having outstanding quality all around. their lemon skunk is so much nicer than skunk #1 it's not funny. it's less stony and the lemongrass flavor is better than the cardboard one i got off the skunk #1 i had a connection for for a minute. i'm hoping my cross of sour cream with joey weed's extinct C99xA11 retains most of the flavor while gaining some energy and trippiness. that would be my personal mid. i'd like to see what it does with chocolope and tart cherry buddha's sister. they sound like flavors waiting to marry cream.

    althor Well-Known Member

    You guys are naming some of the most well-known strains and calling them underrated....

    ddimebag Active Member

    Say Hazey, that haze x skunk you're talking about is from High Quality Seeds, right? Any idea how it compares to Super Haze from Dutch Passion (it's also Original Haze x Skunk #1)? I used to smoke Super Haze all the time some years ago, but the coffeeshop got closed down, and I moved away soon after that anyway...I remember it being very good weed though...haven't had it since then, but I do have a Super Haze seed laying around somewhere...have to try it out some time...

    ddimebag Active Member

    As for most underrated strain, the only thing I can think of right now is Pineapple Express...I know a lot of people say it's good, but even more people say it an overhyped mid-quality production strain. The thing is, there is one pheno of PE that's really top quality weed. The yield isn't as big as with the common 'production' pheno, but it reeks of fresh pineapple, and gives a very psychedelic sativa high. Makes music sound really really good...more so than any other strain I've tried...

    Most overrated strains, imo, are White Widow and AK-47. There, I said it! I know those are super popular for some reason, but I had those a bunch of times from many different coffeeshops (some of the samples actually looked very well grown) and I was never impressed with them...the taste is just not my thing, and the high lacks something...

    althor Well-Known Member

    Keep in mind, he cut it down and smoked it 5 weeks from seed (12/12 from seed) so chances are, any smoke report he has on it is just bullshit.

    Or actually he forgot to turn his "fan on ONE night" and the heat killed all of his plants so he smoked them.
    Of course, anyone with common sense knows thats bullshit.
    If the light was so hot to KILL all of his plants in ONE NIGHT, a fucking fan wouldnt make any difference.

    mcrandle New Member

    AK-47 is not the same genetics now as it was over a decade ago. And there only few true White Widows out there, and I guarantee by your statement, you've never smoked the original. Smoking it in some coffee shops is not going to validate you. There are many strains called White Widow, it doesn't mean they are the real deal.

    jimmylogan Member

    ak-47 is trash so is jack

    jimmylogan Member

    platinum cookies is fire

    jimdandy Well-Known Member

    Emerald Triangle Lost Coast OG, and their Grapefruit Krush. Do some research and check out the reports on it

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