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Most reliable distributor for Subcool/TGA

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by mingusdew, Feb 22, 2008.


    mingusdew Active Member

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who has seen this companies gorgeous strains...and respect Subcool's wisdom here on these forums.

    I have actually seen a couple posts with links...but they have been scattered...the one I guess I'm leaning towards is cannaseur...


    The thing that bothers me is that the 'certificate' for their website is outdated...just wanted to know if anyone has seen maybe a more reliable site that carries their strains..

    Thanks in advance!

    mingusdew Active Member

    I would also like to mention that I'm looking for a site that ships to the US
    Manny Ramirez

    Manny Ramirez Well-Known Member


    mingusdew Active Member

    I dont see any subcool strains there....am I just dumb? lol
    Manny Ramirez

    Manny Ramirez Well-Known Member

    no subcool ......but they are a reliable seed bank that will ship to the USA:hump:

    mingusdew Active Member

    right on....well the only reason I made this topic was for Subcool 8)

    googlesworth Active Member

    where can i get some good ass subcool seeds?

    bump ftw

    shallrelicme Active Member


    mingusdew Active Member

    Hell yes! I meant to list that in my first post as well...seems like cannaseur has more updated strains, but that dang certificate thing bothers me!

    mingusdew Active Member


    hoping maybe someone or subcool sees this :P :D

    Novex Active Member

    I was going to suggest the Hemp Depot as well - Im going to grab some seeds from there as soon as I get set on what I want. I have my heart set on Black Domina and White Russian and I was set on Arjian's Haze #3 but I may sub that in for something from SubCool. Some tasty looking strains.... I was now looking for something with more taste and smell... and so far Querkle and Orange Velvet are my choices from him.

    Then again I think AH3 has some fruity smell to it as well... and Im interested in getting some Sativa.

    Who knows, I have a while to think about it - the list has changed a lot but Im pretty set on the 1st 2 now.
    (anyone intersted in Black Domina or White Russian, Ive been looking at them at this site - Marijuana Seeds for sale - buy cannabis seeds online uk - hash pipes and bongs - no experience with them, so please use your own discretion)

    mingusdew Active Member

    Yeah orange velvet, agent orange, jillybean...UGH theyre all so amazing looking....I want to grow it on my dinner table

    shamegame Well-Known Member


    andyk187 Well-Known Member

    Orange Velvet... i saw that way back in high times and almost cried it was so damn pretty... ever since i've always wanted some subcool/TGA seeds, but it makes me nervous having them delivered to the US, last time i didn't get anything sent to me, oh well! i'll be checking back here again

    Novex Active Member

    Yeah I agree, some prices are insane but I was only interested in the TGA seeds which are all $75 for 10 seeds. Just in my range especially for some tasty strains.

    Theres no way id pay more then 150 for a strain let alone 200 or 300 like some are on the price list.


    subcool Well-Known Member

    First off We have a few places that carry our gear and the reason there is not more is its very hard to trust people in this business> I wouldn't trust Gypsy to guard my toilet.
    Having said that here are your options

    Best Pricing and stealth shipping is the auction

    You can buy directly from these guys and they send out a pack of TGA freebies with each order so its kinda a two for one deal. There are my main distributor and also our Wholesale distributor in Holland,

    cannaseur Seeds

    We also are stocked by

    Marijuana Seeds (cannabis, pot) shipped worldwide

    but they don't have as wide a selection as the other two places.

    If you are a medical user you can join ...:::WELCOME TO:::...:::MEDUSER.CA:::... and buy through woodhorse seeds but you have to be a member for like 3 months to deal with him.


    Blaboy21 Well-Known Member


    Alto Well-Known Member

    Wish there were A-13 seeds myself, is Vortex close subcool?
    Last edited: May 31, 2008

    Irishgreen Guest

    My avatar is Vortex! LOVE it!!!!!!!!

    greenman116 Active Member

    You can get subcools genetics at Meduser.ca without the membership now, unless you live in the USA. I have ordered from meduser many times and had good luck with all my orders. He has really good prices. The crippleberry(strawberrycoughx pine tar kushx deep chunk) is crazy good and only 25 $ for 10. Subcools gear is by far the best Id say. Definatly gonna get a t-shirt from dankgearonline.com to show my support.

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