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Most potent autoflower strain?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by EvlMunkee, Apr 1, 2010.


    EvlMunkee Well-Known Member

    I like the idea of running 2 cabs (a bloom and a veg cab) with auto flowering strains for a perpetual harvest. I wouldn't have to worry about different times for different cabs and I wouldn't have to be as careful with light leaks.
    Of course I would want the strongest one there is. Tell me your opinions. I don't need to hear that none of them are any good. I know they are not as good as regular strains but I am looking for the best one that I can find.
    What do you guys think?:mrgreen:
    Negative Rep

    Negative Rep Active Member

    possibly diesel ryder


    drlearysbud Well-Known Member

    In my opinion I have tried several strains and the most potent is either a strait auto ak or easy rider. Diesel ryder is good, but I don't feel like it is stronger than auto ak or easy rider. Another good thing is most autos bred with ak tend to be high yielders. auto onxy tends to be pretty strong imo that and diesel ryder run a close second. Hopefully we will get a nice haze auto strain out pretty soon nothing haze out there that is auto is appealing.:bigjoint:

    Buddreams Active Member

    I know some of the auto's have to atleast compare to some of the lower THC level quality genetics. I mean most people still consider it high grade marijuana to the best of my knowledge. I am growing out two strains right now. you will find pics in the link on my sig. These things are growing so fast and so great, i've thought about growing nothing but them my self. It's like wonder weed!

    EvlMunkee Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the quick replies.
    So far it looks like a close call....maybe AK, Onyx or Diesel Ryder. I have some 2 AKs growing now only 15 days old and 2 Blue Himalayas, 7 days old.

    Buddream...have you tried either of your strains?

    Anybody else have an opinion?

    gotabagforcheap Member

    I just finished my Easy Ryder grow (AK) and harvested with milky trichs...Damn good smoke, better than some full strains weve got from cali.

    Diesel Ryder id be wary of. Ive tried two seeds, one didnt even crack and the other barely cracked through soil before dying, so I'm not too sold out on these right now. Gonna try the other seeds i have here in a month or so but for sure the Auto AK/Easy Ryder is a safe bet. 24 Grams fully dried out in jar and was just a simple cfl grow 18/6 schedule. Not even what they say to get best results with which is a 20/4

    150wHPS Active Member

    i just bought:

    20 mossy's (automatic) purple jems
    20 lowlife's (automatic) great white shark
    20 short stuff's (automatic) himalaya blue diesel
    40 short stuff's (automatic) mix

    not sure which ones to start with (suggestions are welcome), but you can bet i'm going to have some input on this thread in about 2 months....

    just twiddling my thumbs till then ;-)

    EvlMunkee Well-Known Member

    Cool! I've got 2 goin. I had a bad germ rate on them. Tried to germ 5..2 came up in less than 2 days and 1 about a week later! I will still grow the slow one but it won't be in the varsity...it will be on the second string.
    Then I read that a lot of ppl crack their autos before they germ and it works better. So next time I will at least scuff them up a bit first.
    All of the BH germed ... and quickly!:grin:

    Buddreams Active Member

    nope this is my first personal indoor grow. So i got the auto's to grow along while i veg the others. Didnt know how much fun they were!
    Pipe Dream

    Pipe Dream Well-Known Member

    why have two cabs if you don't need em? Just build on big cab but either way works. I have no experience with autos but from what I have heard the two most potent autoflowers are deisel ryder or drgreenthumb.com 's autoflower good luck.

    EvlMunkee Well-Known Member

    I already have 2 cabs. 1 wardrobe and a smaller one that is almost finished. The big one has a 400w enhanced HPS and the small one will have T5s and CFLs. I would separate them by age. Start in the small and move to the big to finish.
    I just looked at greenthumb to see the Iranian Auto....little bit pricey but I have read good things about it.
    I like the quick turnaround on autos and a perpetual in my case, could turn out about 1 plant a week or 4 per month....however you wanted to arrange it.;-)

    vapors Active Member

    I'd go with AK, Mi5, or Onyx. I tried the Diesel Ryders, all ten beans failed. With the autoflowers you get alot of size variations, I have AK's that run from 8" to 36". Hindu Kush is good bud, but they never get bigger than 8" -10" in my experience with them. I hear the Master Kush is good bud, not to sure about the yield though.
    Hope this helps,
    btw- nice avatar :)

    stoneyguy84 Member

    hey bro i tryed the shortstuffs auto mix and out of 20 seeds i only got 2 femals and one is very touchy and i also have hymilyabluediesel and it is one big cola and its doing awsome good luck bro

    mystifiedbongs Well-Known Member

    View attachment 1533972
    View attachment 1533974
    good luck w the perpetual unless you plan on buying seeds every harvest. it is to my understanding that it is not only pointless but counter-productive to try to clone an auto. and its genetic tendancies will still force flower depending on the age of the plant, not the size or light schedule

    mystifiedbongs Well-Known Member

    and the diesel ryder packaging states 13/15% THC
    Mr.Therapy Man 2

    Mr.Therapy Man 2 Active Member

    The iranain auto is great for autos and it can be cloned,I cloned them here in a test thread for Doc Greenthumb.These are by far the strongest autos on the market and to be able to clone these makes it a no brainer.I hear all these crazy harvest on the Iranain auto but I got between 40 and 80 grams per plant.You also can veg these Iranain autos into large plants if you keep them on 24 hour of lights

    Throwed Active Member

    Not sure, but the Delicious Seeds Diavolo II is pretty damn stinky to be less than 30 days old. Smells like a full out 7 month old flowered diesel.

    CrownMeKing Active Member

    World of seeds - pakistan ryder has 22% THC. Suppose to be medicinal or something. Id give it a try.
    Bad Karma

    Bad Karma Well-Known Member

    Or he could just breed his own seeds from the plants he will be growing.
    It's called a "Seed Run".

    mystifiedbongs Well-Known Member

    with 2 cabs, i dont know where he's gonna breed for seeds. unless he sets up a 3rd cab, he will ruin his perpetual as soon as he lets a male pop

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