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Most potent 21 strains on earth from HIGH TIMES

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by beer316, Jul 19, 2012.


    beer316 New Member

    in case anyone is interested in the source, check high times may 2012 issue. here is the most potent on earth according to them.

    1. og ghost train haze 25.49%
    2. chem dog 24.72%
    3. banana kush 24.19%
    4. g-13 widow 23.77%
    5. golden goat 22.89%
    6. presidential kush 22.76%
    7. kosher kush 22.68%
    8. kizzle 22.64%
    9. dr. grinspoon 21.87%
    10. bio diesel 21.63%
    11. karma's headband 21.54%
    12. larry og kush 21.46%
    13. chem dog biodiesel 20.81%
    14. blue dream 20.75%
    15. la confidential 20.72%
    16. gold haze 20.51%
    17. durban poison 20.16%
    18. diamond girl 20.12%
    19. og kush 20.11%
    20. dead head og 20.08%
    21. jedi kush 20.01%

    only ones on the list i've grown are la confidential and it's awesome. im in the middle of dr grinspoon, looks good but it's a long one. anyone care to share any horticulture experiences with any?

    beer316 New Member

    also i got this strain called y griega that claims over 27%. never to be seen in high times though. havent started it yet, when my purple kush dwarf x la confidential is done i will start y-griega.
    PJ Diaz

    PJ Diaz Well-Known Member


    beer316 New Member

    maybe their lab never tested that strain. im just posting the official high times list, meaningless or not. my y griega isnt on there either from a spain company called medical. they also claim to have tested with gas chronography. some people i know of that live in my area in upper michigan have their own testing facility called UPGC laboratories http://www.upgclabs.com/ under construction but it will be up eventually. they test with gas chronography as well. they had similar issues with none of their strains on the list.

    case in point, your sc laboratories, although respectable, are not a very known source. yeah they were in high times and all, but they're not high times. high times is more of a legit source bro. sc laboratories is just a testing company, high times is much more. sorry but im gonna go with high times over sc labs. cool site tho.
    PJ Diaz

    PJ Diaz Well-Known Member

    Are you serious? SC Labs not very known?? Gimme a break, they're one of the most respected testing firms in California.

    High Times is a magazine, SC Labs in in the business of testing weed. You really think High Times knows more than SC Labs about the THC content of specific strains?

    OK, so maybe they didn't test MK Ultra (a well known potent strain) for some reason, but why?

    Did they also not test a very well known strain, Jack Herer, which tests higher than a third of what's on the list: http://www.sclabs.com/sample-details.html?task=sample&sample=120607J010

    I guess they decided not to test Platinum OG either, testing at 24%+: http://www.sclabs.com/sample-details.html?task=sample&sample=120628P003

    Also, your y griega isn't tested t 27%, it's just some number a breeder threw out.
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    PeyoteReligion Well-Known Member

    High times gets payed by breeders to do this. They ommit many more potent strains in order to give a friend a shout out.

    beer316 New Member

    actually i did just read the high times list is from 2011 entries. they will be updating it annually. their are test entries from all over north america and europe. sc labs could just as well be throwing numbers out there. we dont know for sure. high times is more known and more official. also i kinda hate cali cause their gun laws suck. also i think thats bullshit for that jack herer. that strain is nothing special. reason why i only stick with high times. all these other places are bullshit.

    beer316 New Member

    source for that? or just speculation?

    PeyoteReligion Well-Known Member

    I bet you also don't think the cannabis cup is rigged eh? That's cute.

    yesum Well-Known Member

    I tested the platinum og with my head once. Tested as super high thc or made my head feel funny off a small toke.

    Thc is just one piece of the puzzle for what makes potency, the most important piece afik, but still just one.
    PJ Diaz

    PJ Diaz Well-Known Member


    OGEvilgenius Well-Known Member


    Dwezelitsame Well-Known Member

    high times can be bought out
    they take the envelope

    Cobnobuler Well-Known Member

    Sannies Herijuana- 25 % Many say the strongest smoke they've ever blazed, myself included. Some of his other strains are nearly as potent but never a mention of any of his gear on any of these lists. These lists are more of a "who's who" than they are anything accurate.
    Further, more and more exotic strains appear all the time now making it impossible to determine these lists useful for anything other than maybe to get a general idea on some strains that are known to be exceptionally potent so its probably good for that, but thats about it.

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