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most hallucinogenic strain of marijuana??

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by dannydanko, Nov 14, 2008.


    dannydanko Active Member

    just wondering if anyone has info or knows about the most hallucinogenic strain out there?

    frmrboi Well-Known Member

    Whenever this question comes up someone always says Belladonna so it must be a good contender at least.
    Belladonna ® Paradise Seeds

    Krypt Well-Known Member

    hallucinogenic weed?...cant say i've ever hallucinated while stoned.

    Krypt Well-Known Member

    isnt that why there's a hallucinatory substances forum area

    flashgee Well-Known Member

    cannabis is a mild hallucinogenic...but most poeple think it a downer if asked what they think
    Kief Chief

    Kief Chief Well-Known Member

    nevilles haze is said to have an lcd effect. but i have never smoked any.

    pinkus New Member

    I've never hallucinated from smoking but i have from eating it. I even had an ex accuse me of spiking brownies with acid...I told her NOT to eat more than half of the piece I gave her. That was a long time ago, I was growing northern lights and used about an ounce of trim and leaf. It also scared the shit out of a friend who was a decade long wake and baker.

    LollipopKA Active Member

    There are some out there that are known to have that type of effect on users. The only one I remember off the top of my head is Apollo 13 (Sativa Phenotype - Reserva Privada). I could be wrong but I think BOG used some Apollo in his breeding stock...yes...it seems like maybe his Lifesaver? Check his shit out if it's still around.

    flashgee Well-Known Member

    sativas are the more trippy kind of weed,most indicas sit you on your arse or mong you out.so i would go for a good pure sativa or sativa dom strain,get a good one and you can get a mild lsd trip feel but some can make you feel parraniod if your not head strong

    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens

    honestly, no lie, and it was not laced with anything... Orange Crush. We did it out of a waterfall for prolly atleast 20-30 minutes straight (just loading and ripping). I full out tripped dude! I kid you not... everything turned blue and purple (outlines of people, trees had purple flowers that normally don't exist, etc). Now when I only have a little bit of it I usually see floating red dots it's kinda weird. but good shit very very hallucinogenic IMO.

    sponky Active Member

    10 years ago I tried my first KB and it was Maui Waui. I had only smoked schwag before. Well that time after I smoked I asked my friend if he laced it and he said no. Well for the next 4 hours I was stuck on the couch seeing nothing but colors and hearing wa wa sounds like I had done a whip it. I couldnt go out that night with them because of this. The movie with Rollerball with Wesley Snipes was on and I tried to watch. The only time this has happened to me. If only I could ever find anyting like that.

    Ghost420 Well-Known Member

    ya i have friends that have eaten it and got totally fucked up. they said it was like what lsd was like.

    ontariogrower Well-Known Member

    Tribal Vision is a multihybrid based on the extremely psychoactive Malberry line. Sweetened with the candied Sweet Tooth 3, Grapefruit line & combined with a Congo Nepalese. An Exotic Blend of Swirling Highs. A Fast flowering Beauty with Delicious fruity sweet smooth Malberry Congolese taste. Buds can exhibit lovely mauve hues. Finishes within 75 days of 12/12 indoors. Outdoors in N' Hemisphere it finishes around the end of October. Fast & easy to grow with very good mould resistance.

    also there was a strain from canadianseedexchange that was called vision but I dont seed it on there site any more im contacting them for info

    Relaxed Well-Known Member

    +40 YRS. catching a buzy. Not a hallucinogenic. If it was the Dr.s in Cali wouldn't be perscribing to patients legally. Better try another drug for that....imo

    SOorganic Well-Known Member

    Iv smoked Nevilles haze and it is waayy over rated. I got it directly from the source in Adam. I payed 15 euros for one gram( thats about 30 dollars U.S) and i got high but not nearly as blown as i expected to be. I own all three Cannabibles and in said book's Jayson King says Nevills haze is insanley strong so i was expecting a mind fuck of a high but i was disapointed BIG TIME when i actually smoked it. When ni got my hands on the stuff it was at the end of a coffee shop crawl and i was at the last coffee shop that we planned on visiting so i was already very high. so maybe that had something to do with the fact that i barley felt the effects of the herb. And honestly i have NEVER Ever had visiuals from weed, not even once.

    s.c.mtn.hillbilly Well-Known Member

    back in the day(teen years) I got stupid ripped on santa marta, thai weed, acapulco gold, and panama red....now i'm running vortex...we'll see how that goes. I'd like to cross it with some thai...that'd be a guranteed geekout!

    poplars Well-Known Member

    bumping this thread: any strains nowadays that do this?

    Dankster4Life Well-Known Member

    Check out

    Tom Hill seeds
    Ace seeds may also have some thing.

    Your looking for older landrace genetics.There are some very nice Have creations out there also.

    poplars Well-Known Member

    yeah definitely looking for landrace, probably pure sativa or nearly pure... I've seen ace seeds already but I"ll check out tom hill seeds... any first hand accounts of a particular strain you can purchase producing these effects would be very much apppreciated.

    Dankster4Life Well-Known Member

    I have smoked but not grown..

    Veit black x thai
    Bangi Haze....from Ace

    Deep Chunk from Tom Hill.

    Deep chunk is good but not what your lookin for.The VB x T was excellent smoke as was the BH.To be honest,i think the only way to really get any kind of "trippy" high is to abstain for a while.Heavy smokers just don't that kind of buzz any more,reguardless of what strain,atleast it's that way for me.....i SMOKE.

    Tom Hills Haze is supposed to be TOP NOTCH gear,with what they called the "acid" pheno coming along every once in a while in a pack of seeds.Tom is one of the most respected breeders out there.

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