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Most effective way to flush plants with Final Phase in soil?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by col.forbin, Dec 9, 2009.


    col.forbin Well-Known Member

    My plants are 1 week away from harvest, but im a little confused on how to use advanced nutrients final phase: Im growing in Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil, and before when I flushed my girls, I just used water (3x the amount the pots can hold-3gal pots, so i used 9 gal of water) but my question is, do I just water my plants with final phase throughout the last 7-10 days before harvest and thats it? Or Should I water with final phase, then flush the plants with 9 gallons of water? I already started using the final phase with a watering 3 days ago, so its "in" the soil already. Thanks everyone!!

    I♥BUD Active Member

    Good Question? I would like someone to clear that up for us.
    Can anyone help us out on this 1?

    dankdreamz Active Member

    I have been a little confused by the product's instructions myself. I am just going to use it for three days and then 4 days of just water.

    Will post results. :weed:


    dankdreamz Active Member

    After reading the site I am going to Use it 10 days from my date of harvest and then use only water.

    "After all the substances are removed and during the 7-10 remaining days before harvest, you only give your crops pure water. Because there’s no nutrients left in their root zone, your crops are forced to use stored nutrients for continued growth."

    "And you’ll do it the easy way. Instead of wasting money throwing fertilizer into your plants during their last 7-10 days before harvest, you’ll do a 6 hour recirculating Final Phase cleanse and then feed your plants clean water until cut day."



    ganjaman6666 Member

    iknow this is an old post but just to explain you use final phaze for the last 7 to 10 days at the end you can use for as long as needed and me personally have got away with flushing using final phaze for 3 to 4 days in a dwc when necisary and still done the job you do not have to flush after the final phaze as soon as your done flushing just cut down no plain water needed and it gives you "the taste and smell that will sell " this is a good product and i give it the thumbs up

    uberstuber Member

    idiot, that isnt correct. You use it once as directed, flush for 6 hours with water. Then go 7 to 10 days with water.

    Dr1zzt Member

    When flushing soil with final phase. Use three times the pot size of final phase/water mixture over a 2 hour period 7-10 days before harvest.

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