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more light worth it or not??

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Nay47, Dec 26, 2012.


    Nay47 Active Member

    So i got 2 massive pinapple chunk trees growing under a 600w hps cooltube atm they are about 5 foot high and about 70 cm wide thry are just in week 3 flowering and i have most things dialed with a stable ec ph tempss are ideal 24-25 c lights on 19c lights off would it be worth adding a 400 w or evan a 250w in there ? Is it worth having slightly higher temps prob about 27 28 c and use more elecrtric v the amount of extra bud ?
    I pulled around 500 gram of last grow the same as this one with the 600w dno what that is in gpw but about how much extra could i expect with the extra 400 or 250 in there its a 1.2m by 1.2m by 2 m tent think thats 4x4x7 not too sure tho

    nastynate420 Active Member

    I wouldnt want my temps above 80F unless you were running co2.

    Friedrice Active Member

    For a five foot plant it depends on how much of it you want to flower

    insan3 Active Member

    not worth it, unless u wanna upgrade room size as well.

    kingmat8787 Active Member

    If they were shorter with a more even canopy or SCROG id say go for it but with 5 foot beasts at best you could use em for supplemental side lighting to mabye fill in the lower 1/3-2/3 of the plant...really its your call man is it worth it to you?..PEACE

    Nay47 Active Member

    I dont know wether its worth it in terms of more bud like how much extra bud could i get by adding another light in there if it would be say alot easier to go over 600gram if i add the 400 or even 250w i
    would think its worth it because i dont think i would be able to pull more than a 600g with 600w cant upgrade on space unfortunatly havent really got space for side lighting would have to be over the top where the other light is

    jondamon Well-Known Member

    Plant training and green healthy plants the whole way through will see you achieve 600g from your 600w.


    Nay47 Active Member

    They have been trained so i have a even canopy toped lsted and supercropped i just wanted to know in terms of what i have and my set up would the extra light get me enough extra bud too make it worth adding

    blacksun New Member

    Well, if you're pulling close to 1g / w with a 600w, it only stands to reason that you will pull close to that with a 1000w or 2 x 600w's or whatever you decide to upgrade to.

    You will have to get it dialed in though.

    You may not see a perfect return on THIS grow, but you will once you get it dialed in.

    600w in a 2x4 is normal, many people do that, myself included.

    In a 4x4, I personally would and could do 2 x 600w's.

    Nay47 Active Member

    Think i will add the 400w and see how i get on temp wise just didnt really know if it was worth having higher temps for more light

    thatreedocta Active Member

    It's possibly worth it but only as side lighting because a 600 watt can't effectively penetrate a plant that is 5 feet and taller. But as someone said, you'd have to maybe worry about heat.
    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member

    a lot of growers and breeders measure yields in grams per watt, but to me, even more important than quantity of light is the quality, so i'm a halide lover as the fuller spectrum makes for better flavors and terpene expression, and is recommended in general for sativa dominants too. i was planning on having a 400w each halide/sodium system, but will pull my sodium bulb this winter and go 2x halide. i don't care about yield any more than having a head stash and actually prefer fluffy buds that are easier to break apart and smoke too. sodiums have higher output and yield and especially encourage flowering, but halides have fuller spectrums and get closer to UV where THC is produced if not actually doing UV

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