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More branched more bud or in a single stem one cola better?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by sickstoner, Apr 6, 2010.


    sickstoner Well-Known Member

    trying all kinds of things i wanna see whats the better yield trial and error i guess. more main colas the better unless if its just one its a monster i dunno:wall:

    mygirls Medical Marijuana (MOD)

    when you top or pinch your plant your colas will not be as big.. but you will have more buds. i personaly like the big long colas.

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    sickstoner Well-Known Member

    i l,s,t my bitches so far with lots 'o' branches and no toping with nice long buds i just wanted to know if a sog was better. so far i lsted them and scroged them and loved both. i just wanted to know if something else was better

    anonymuss Well-Known Member

    can u pinch the main cola to make it football sized ?

    wiseguy316 Well-Known Member

    if the plant is topped the canopy stays a little more even, providing more light to all the buds, if a plant is not topped, you need atleast a 600 watt lightif not 1000, the top cola may be 24 inches long then add 10 inches for the light. The lower buds will be hurting.

    greensister Well-Known Member

    Its a matter of preference.

    The more you FIM or top, the more branches you will have and thus more budsites. This forces you to have to veg longer and more branches shade itself more, and its more work to harvest and manage and takes up more room.

    dimebagdan Well-Known Member

    tricky question need more info. do you have lots of room. growing in or out doors, cfl or hid? some strains grow bushy like christmas tree shape.

    i have a good amount of space so i top and go bushy. also dont prune much.but thats just me.:leaf:

    mygirls Medical Marijuana (MOD)

    here she is again..

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    sickstoner Well-Known Member

    but i never top or fimed and when i lst them i get hundreds of branches and lots of bud sites i guess i lsted my first grow and got 7 main colas but the main stem was the bigest still the plant was 2 feet high and i never toped. and now i'm lsting and scroging the new batch and they are starting to bud with over 20 bud sites per plant but are these all main colas?

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