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MoonDust fertilizer?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Baka, Mar 25, 2011.


    Baka Member

    Has anyone ever tried moondust fertilizer?
    It's apparently an all in one fertilizer. I just got a free bag of it from my local hydro shop. The owner said it was the best fertilizer he has ever seen.

    Anyone have any experience with this fertilizer?

    Tokipoki Member

    any truth behind that!!!??? Its online for 20 bucks.,..,., not a bad price if it works,,,.

    RoloTomassi420 Member

    Im using Moon Dust but its too early in my grow to tell how good it really is I seen a commercial for it and its supposed to make your plants bigger than usual.

    scone919 Active Member

    I am using it now in a tent after 30 days plants were beautiful. Now it is 2 weeks of flower budding excellant. stalks are thick plants have grown to the best you ever saw now what this moon dust is sopposed to do is make the buds big. I am looking to get 4 to 6 oz offf of a plant I am hopping and will let you know as soon as i get this quantity

    powerslide Well-Known Member

    i ran it in my aero system and it worked fine. Got 1.2lbs off 1k. running the stinkbud system. my res isnt light proof and dont want to mess w/ it so i used this because it isnt organic and doesnt grow algae as often or quick. Gonna give it a try in dirt in next few months

    I did mix it w/ some dyna-bloom toward the end of the flower cycle to keep the N down some. It was my 2nd grow and first in stinkbud system. I was pretty proud of myself.

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