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Moon Phases and there effects

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Satorihaze, Oct 19, 2009.


    Satorihaze Member

    One of grandparents told me to start my seeds on a full moon and harvest on a new moon, I wanted to see if there was anything to this so i looked it up and found that they, according to this book; the botany of marijuana:the study of the propagation and cultivation of cannabis were wrong.

    The book said that full moons and new moons where to be avoid for anything to do with planting and harvesting. According to the book these are very stressful times on a celestrial level and the plants pick up on this. The book went on saying that waxing moons are preferred for the planting of seeds and the waning moon was for harvesting. Which makes scene when the moon is growing grow your seeds and when the moon is receding harvest your crop. but just reading this wasn't proof enough i wanted to see for myself.

    so i germinate about 10 seeds each time. and start each group at a different moon phase one group during a full moon, one during a new , etc. All the seeds used should have been related as far as i know.

    the rates where
    full moon 1 out of 7 sprouted
    waning 1-10
    new 0-9
    waxing 6-10
    the 4 that didn't open during the waxing moon didn't even crack when soaking for 24 hrs.

    The waxing moon thing really does seem to have an effect on the germination rates of seeds.

    mybe my next harvest ill wait till the waning moon and see if there is anything to that

    slk Well-Known Member

    thats all a waist of time

    RanTyr Active Member

    I'd expect such a negative and baseless post from someone who can't spell waste properly.

    I haven't researched into the effects the moon on germination due to never having a problem with any plants germinating at different times of the month. I use the paper towel in a ziplock bag method and hav always had great results no matter what I was growing.

    DoeEyed Well-Known Member

    That's an interesting experiment, anyway, I'm curious - did you have seeds from a specific strain, or were they bagseed? If it was bagseed, I don't know how valid the results would be, since the seeds have a lower germination rate to begin with usually. Might be worth it to try with regular seeds from a seedbank though.:peace:

    RanTyr Active Member

    I'm curious as to why you believe bagseed has a lower germination rate. I have found it amazingly easy to germinate bagseed. Only lost four or five seeds out of the twenty I've germinated thus far. One was my fault for being a tad too rough.

    Is it purely anecdotal?
    Green Cross

    Green Cross Well-Known Member

    Nothing new here, but the full moon is best for germination IMO

    "The effect of the phases of the moon on seed germination and growth was first studied by L. Kolisko in 1930. Using wheat, Kolisko found that seeds germinated faster and more prolifically when sown at the full moon. The new moon gave him the most unsuccessful results. Later experiments on cress confirmed Kolisko's findings. Recent studies at Northwestern University, conducted by Professor F. Brown, have shown that, even under equal temperatures, seedlings absorb more water at the full moon than at the new moon. The findings lend credibility to adages that recommend harvesting at full moon. It seems plants have less water content at the new moon phase. Professor Brown went so far as to test plants in a darkened laboratory where they would have no direct access to effects of sun or moon. The plants still responded to the moon phases.

    Other experiments have been conducted at Wichita State University and at Tulane University. All have achieved the same results. Experimentation indicates that seeds sown just before or around the full moon have a higher rate and speed of germination than those sown at the new moon because seeds are able to absorb more water at the full moon...."


    DoeEyed Well-Known Member

    With bagseed you don't know the history - what's happened to them. They aren't treated especially gentle and can be damaged before you even get them. Not to say you can't get good seed from a bag - just saying, it isn't reliable enough to base an experiment on.

    Satorihaze Member

    well that makes scene since the ones that were germinated on a waxing moon; the majority came up just b4 the full moon and slowed down through the rest of the full moon and just about stopped once it began waning...and the seedlings that came up b4 and during the full moon definitely looked healthier than the stragglers that came up once the full moon was ending/over that probably has more to do with genetics though....and they were bag seeds by they way from the same bag, a lower end bag cause i just wanted to see the germ. rates during the different cycles and didn't want to waste anything good.

    by no means am i claiming to have proven anything ...apparently they have been proving it since 1930 im just sharing something i thought was interesting so someone who gave a shit could figure it out for themselves or tell me other wise.

    DoeEyed Well-Known Member

    Hey I wasn't bagging on you, I just thought it would be interesting for someone to try out with some known good seeds, seeds that should be viable,. to remove a possible cause of failure from the equation.:peace:

    Satorihaze Member

    Green Cross thanks for that link....

    well im glad u weren't throwing shit at me:)
    but yea i realize my test wasn't scientifically controlled and that the germination rates could be based on poor genetics or what ever else. But there is support for this using other plants and Ganga is a plant so it is possible that the moon phases have and effect on it as well.
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    DoeEyed Well-Known Member

    If I ever have the space, maybe I'll get some seeds from one of the cheaper strains and give this another try - compare to your results, see what happens. Anyway - thanks for sharing with us. + rep

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