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Moon cycles and cannabis

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by meathook666, Apr 12, 2010.


    meathook666 Well-Known Member

    Reading one of UB's threads I found this link http://www.mellowgold.com/grow/mjbotany-removed/. It's covering marijuana botany very thoroughly. The following quotation is from that site:

    Since ancient times man has observed the effect of the moon on living organisms, especially his crops. Planting and harvest dates based on moon cycles are still found in the Old Farmer� Almanac. The moon takes 28 to 29 days to completely orbit the earth. This cycle is divided into four one-week phases. It starts as the new moon waxes (begins to enlarge) for a week until the quarter moon and another week until the moon is full. Then the waning (shrinking) cycle begins and the moon passes back for two weeks through another quarter to reach the beginning of the cycle with a new moon. Most cultivators agree that the best time for planting is on the waxing moon, and the best time to harvest is on the waning moon. Exact new moons, full moons, and quarter moons are avoided as these are times of interplanetary stress. Planting, germinating, grafting, and layering are most favored during phases 1 and 2. The best time is a few days before the full moon. Phases 3 and 4 are most beneficial for harvesting and pruning.
    Root growth seems accelerated at the time of the new moon, possibly as a response to increased gravitational pull from the alignment of sun and moon. It also seems that floral cluster formation is slowed by the full moon. Strong, full moonlight is on the borderline of being enough light to cease floral induction entirely. Although this never happens, if a plant is just about to begin floral growth, it may be delayed a week by a few nights of bright moonlight.
    Conversely, plants begin floral growth during the dark nights of the new moon. More research is needed to explain the mysterious effects of moon cycles on Cannabis.

    Very interesting indeed. Mysterious to us, modern men. Don't know about you but I'll sow my next batch of seeds on the rising moon.


    KaleoXxX Well-Known Member

    an old hippie was trying to tell me about planting and growing according to moon phases a few months ago.

    it really dosnt make any sense to me what the moon phase has to do with anything(other than hockus pokus witchcraft lol) about how plants grow. ill stick to planting when im ready and harvesting when the plant is, but id like to hear more peoples oppinions on this

    meathook666 Well-Known Member

    I know it's hard to stomach, but if the sun influences all living creatures on this planet why the moon wouldn't?

    KaleoXxX Well-Known Member

    moon influences tides, and makes people crazy when its full, but i dont understand how it would effect plant growth

    but im open to learn how it could

    jawbrodt Well-Known Member

    ^Agreed. The moon has an effect on gravity, and gravity plays a part in growing, so it would make sense that the phases would play some sort of role. That's all i know, so I'll shut up now.LOL

    johnny961 Well-Known Member

    I never believed it so much either until i planted onion sets on the day of a full moon once & had to replant them because they were on top of the soil like i had never planted them. The almanac has been around since the 1700's so i buy into now having to buy one every year.

    fenster Member

    maybe its to do with the amount of light reflected from the moon. ie a full moon reflecting more light. not sure tho just my 2 cents


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