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Monster bud with CFL?

Discussion in 'CFL / Fluorescent Lighting' started by meekrab, Jul 27, 2011.


    meekrab Member

    I'm sure this has been asked a thousand times but I was wanting to ask if anyone has had any luck with growing big yields with CFL and what did you do, other than pick a certain strain, to end up. with so much?

    meekrab Member

    Basically my intent is to get a few posts with tips and tricks, myth vs fact and maybe just some basic info. I have been growing with cfl for a year now and havehad quite a bit of luck. Even compliments over other stuff that was grown under HID's.

    elduece Active Member

    Not without involving a HID.

    elduece Active Member

    Sorry, I meant once you go HID, you'll never do without it after that. I like to use CFL underneath the canopy and dial down the wattage to 250-400 fo rth e HID.

    MsBBB Active Member

    You posted your questions in the right place. Now, have you read any of the information here in CFL Growing? All the info and more is right here in this section. Check it out and you can learn how other CFL Growers are doing it.

    lowrider2000 Well-Known Member

    I was a Avid CFL supporter till i got the HPS light never go back again i wasted the same amount on CFL's trying to be cheap and i could have had a HPS from the get
    (i only have a 150 watt hps $60 new i got two for that price of craiglist)...............my plants were already in flower when i switched the cfl's for hps and the nuggs exploded within 1 week

    stumpjumper New Member

    CFL's kick ass for a SCROG or LST grow. I LST'd a white widow and pulled almost 3oz from her and it was rediculously potent and very tasty. Matter of fact it was so potent that I still have some because it gives me anxiety attacks everytime I smoke it.. PS... I would choose 150w CFL's over 150w HPS anyday... Why waste your time with one, low wattage, heat producing bulb that you get shit coverage with compared to the multiple cfl bulbs. That's about a no brainer.

    MsBBB Active Member

    I started off thinking that I would use CFLs all the way through. I spent money on light adapters, bulbs, and other things when I could have just purchased a HPS fixture. Lowrider2000, it looks like we both started off basically the same way, except I went with the 400 watt HPS.

    MsBBB Active Member

    There are some good CFL Growers that can compete closely with HID (HPS/MH) Growers. If you are not having heat issues and you have the space and plants for a HID fixture consider going with the HID/HPS for flowering. I use CFLs strickly for vegetating, and then I switch over to CMH. Check out other threads and read up before making a final decision.

    lowrider2000 Well-Known Member

    Have you grown with HPS????? probably not if your saying that.........i can speak from experience you can fuck around with cfls have madd plugs and wires the same amount of heat, bulbs everywhere worried about them touching your plants on a mission.........or get one light simplify your box make it less hazardous and clean not to mention if you would have had that same 4 ounce plant under a HPS you would have gotten way more off of it

    stumpjumper New Member

    Ive never used a 150hps however I've had a 1000w HPS and 1000w MH running in conjunction with each other.

    A 150w HPS would be ok for ONE plant but still much hotter than 150w of cfls would be... Plus it's not hard to rig up a bathroom vanity 5 light fixture into a 230w CFL bud producing monster, with only 1 plug and no hazards.... add a couple more for side lighting and you have far superior results then you're going to have with a single 150w hps.. especially if you have 2 plants scrog style.... or lst for that matter..

    I've seen HPS buds not as nice as my CFL buds. Truth.

    Vache123 Active Member

    Have you got any pics from your grow? I just received WW seeds today and need inspiration :D

    Edit: nevermind, I see your thread.

    kingdevin Active Member

    u have a 150watt hps stfu lol i didnt even know they made 150watts lol

    meekrab Member

    I've read all the sticky notes and went throughother forums as well. No doubt HID is the way to go but my grow area is too small for one :( sad panda.

    i know they make 150W HPS for home security and you might be able to find them at your local hardware store. I'm in Canada and rona has them, home depot only have the 70Watters.

    But looking through this forum i see alot of "my first grow" posts and was wanting to start a slightly different topic soif you want to, post what you think may have helped you during your first grow(s) or have learned that may help someone out or myself! im on my second grow.

    4X Northern Flame
    4X Blueberry
    1X Himalaya gold
    1X White widow
    & 1X Vanilla kush

    most of them are sitting at about 20 inches, just waiting for the blueberry clones to get a little more height as they are only half that then i will soon switch to 12/12. Currently running 6XCFL's 4 LED panels and 4 Fluoro's for side lighting and have a CO2 genny (sugar,water,yeast) which the plants love!
    mushroom man

    mushroom man Active Member

    well i seem to do good with them,but this is my second grow. frist grow got a qp off of 2 two foot tall plants ,im reveging her with 2 others under 512 watts of cfl ,heres to all that think cfl dont do that good hopeing for at least 10 oz or more off of 3 plants these r also old pics sorry camra ph dont do that well

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    stumpjumper New Member

    I love when HID guys try to tell people CFL's suck and get their foot shoved in their mouth lol.

    C.Indica Well-Known Member

    I've got a 8" tall ish main cola, but it is a CFL grow so I'm not expecting it to be super thick.
    It's almost done though so I don't think it will get any taller.

    FlatTopBud Well-Known Member

    I grow 20 gram buds with cfl's to me thats monster enough. check out my grow if u dont believe it

    resinousflowers Well-Known Member

    you wont get 10 ounces off those plants.not bad for cfl's tho.

    Kiokrassi Active Member

    i think cfls can grow some respectable buds just cant be compared to HIDs. if heat and space are in issue cfl's can be great if grown right i think. here is what i'm growing now 30 days into fllowerwing under 375 watt cfl

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