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Monkey Paw

Discussion in 'Michigan Patients' started by bimple, Apr 2, 2013.


    bimple Active Member

    back in the late 70's I got ahold of some Monkey Paw, and at the time it was very expensive compared to the other stuff that was going around, but it was unlike any other weed, also. I remember it being a creeper high that was very stoney and lasted for hours, and the buzz was almost psychedelic it was so intense. I have done a bit of googling and it seems to have been a southeast michigan strain, and I have heard rumors of people having clones still going, but I have yet to see anything resembling monkey paw show up. One time I got excited to see monkey paw at a dispensary and bought a gram however it was not the same at all.

    Does anyone know anything more about this strain of weed - it was amazing and I am hoping that someone still has this going, not necessarily to grow it myself (although that would be awesome :clap:) but in hopes that this strain wasn't lost along the way.

    fattiemcnuggins Well-Known Member

    I love a good strain story....(waits for old guys to start posting about back in the day
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    abe supercro

    abe supercro Well-Known Member

    check out Hazeman's monkey paw seeds..

    TheMan13 Well-Known Member

    I believe I know what you may be talking about. Around that same time Thai Stick was popular. Both were similar in the fact that they were soaked in an extract oil from the sugar leafs. I do not think either are truly related to specific MJ strains, but rather a process like the caviar we know today.
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    Bigtacofarmer Well-Known Member

    I have a friend I'm teaching to grow. He is from the Arkansas/Missouri area and has asked me about Monkey Paw since he got here, he met a dude in the Army from Michigan way back when and this Monkey Paw was quite memorable. When I researched it I came up with a few clues, its an old thai cross and when searched on google you come up with a picture of an old hippy hanging with DJ short in Detroit. I'd love to try this strain.

    bimple Active Member

    From what I heard Monkey Paw was a clone only unless someone feminized it which would be awesome. I heard many rumors about monkey paw - that some guys had broken in to a grow room and had stolen the clone, and that was what became known as monkey paw, but who knows. What I do know is that was some of the best weed I have ever smoked to date. When Medical Marijuana came along I got very excited in hopes of seeing something similar but nothing has come close.

    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    Probably a little over 20 years ago I ran across some monkey paw in Detroit burbs. Thai stick one time. It blows my mind to think that was a Michigan strain. It fucking wrecked me, I remember that much still today. Very cool.

    Funny cuz only strain close now is monkey balls. lmao. Poorly grown monkey balls will quickly get named monkey ass.

    bloodytrichomes New Member

    did you crack yours yet glad
    Uncle Pirate

    Uncle Pirate Active Member

    I know an older guy that claims he can still get monkey paw. The last time a seen him was at my uncle's funeral 3 years ago, I might hunt him down and see what it's all about. He said he can get that and hawaiian. Which hawaiian he's talking about, I don't know. I've never smoked it, but I've heard plenty about it over the years.

    gladstoned Well-Known Member

    No I haven't. I have a pack of the chocolate chunk also.
    I was looking at the coco puffs a little harder than the monkey balls.

    >>That's coco puffs, lucky charms, and cereal killer all to make something cool. :blsmoke:

    BarnBuster Virtually Unknown Member


    Phleemeister710 New Member

    My dad told me he would get weed laced with embalming fluid back in the 80's, and the guy referred to it as the "real" monkey paw. apparently it would give you a crazy psychedelic high. That's all I've personally heard of in regard to monkey paw.

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    I wanna me some of that 80's monkey paw. Been suckered a dozen times with supposed seeds, buds too, all failed the MP for me.

    Its possible I admit, that the effects 35 years ago of a finely grown indoor, compared to the regs we got then, just cannot be reproduced, even by the very same strain, or already has been grown and sampled, just didnt perform like a 30+yr memory of drunkin under the bridge night parties? matter of fact every thing is different today so I'm not surprised.
    Several mortgages, dis-ease, 30+ yr marriage, grown kid, grandpa....things have changed. My chemotype is different now. I use marijuana for different reasons today, I dont like some of the effects that I used to cherish.
    I've said my good byes to the beloved "Monkey Paw" and will not be fooled again(yeah, right) by any temptations of procurement.

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