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Molly MDMA cuts...

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by HeatlessBBQ, Apr 22, 2011.


    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    i have been wanting to post this for a long time to see what all you can grasp of what i am speaking of...

    so the other day me and my buddies were discussing how there is no molly around recently and we started talking about last summer's times with miss molly...

    around June last summer we got a hold of a gram of two of some "MDMA" for a festival.
    this powder didnt really look like molly but it was white.
    it smelled like acetone so i knew it was cut...
    everyone thought it was cut with coke but I knew it wasnt coke.
    but i also knew it WAS cut with something I still cannot figure out...

    we parachuted and railed some of the powder.
    hmmm...feel pretty good. kind of like rolling.
    felt just like the effects of MDMA except the empathy and AMAZING feelings.
    i felt really uppity. real talkative.
    had a good time
    but when the sun rose the next morning I went outside for a longboard ride to get some stuff from 7-11.
    i look up into the clouds and I had the most intense open eye visuals I have ever had.
    even more intense then some lsd or shroom visuals.
    the clouds were eating themselves. like an explosion happening. but reversed.

    I had a pretty good time on the substance....whatever it was.
    but the next day following after sleeping.
    i was a zombie.!
    literally the worst hang over of my life!
    i didnt want to do anything!
    i couldnt do anything!
    i could barley even talk.

    does anyone know what this could have been?
    i thought it may have been something in the 2c family but we did quite a bit of this stuff. and if you do over a point (100mgs) of 2c-something...you could die.
    we each had
    at least a good 250 mgs each throughout the night.

    +rep for those who help

    mightymiller Active Member

    more then likely it was methylone or 4mmc. seems about right considering the dosages. maybe cut with 2ci.

    714Skyhi Active Member

    sound like meth

    dankillerbs Active Member

    Sounds like it could have been MDA...?

    HIDDEN42O Active Member


    HeatlessBBQ Well-Known Member

    does MDA make you feel like SHIT the next day?

    dankillerbs Active Member

    Check it out on erowid.. It sounds as you describe... It's supposed to be similar to MDMA without the empathy, and apparently more psychedelic with visuals at higher doses... Also it is said to have a worse "hangover" than MDMA. It has similar doses to MDMA so 250 mg would have been a strong dose... Also, it is said to be sold as MDMA too.

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