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Moldy buds, still useable to make hash/oil?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by malester, Sep 14, 2008.


    malester Well-Known Member

    I cropped my harvest 2 weeks and a couple of buds had mold spots. The plants were 6 1/2 feet and obviously couldnt support themself, had to bend them so each got decent light coverage. I believe the mold spots was possibly buds on the concrete which the ground is kinda damp due to the high humidity.

    So, I know you shouldnt smoke moldy bud, theres about a quarter worth there, would it be safe to use those buds to make hash or honey oil? I think the process would extra the mold, not sure tho.

    Thank you.


    farmer#1 Well-Known Member

    oncethe lower 1/3 of one of my plants got mold very close to harvest so i just chopped 'em off and stuck them in the oven on 150c for 10 minutes its hot enough too kill all the mold but not hot enough to ruin the thc. then i jut let it dry as normal or you could water cure it!

    dum Well-Known Member

    I don't think that it's the live mold thats no good, especially because when you smoke it you kill it anyway. I think that it's the dead mold or it's waste products that are harmful. As to your question I have no idea, you'd have to do research about weather the mold is soluable in whatever you use to make hash oil. I can never remember the difference between hashes because I always end up just buying weed anyway. You could try cannabutter but I'm not sure if that is safe or not.

    Fazz Well-Known Member

    BHO should be 100% fine .
    but im not sure if hash would be the best idea .

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