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Mold Resistant Strain?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Waiakeauka, Jan 8, 2013.


    Waiakeauka Well-Known Member

    What is the best mold resistant strain to grow outdoors that is very strong? I have tried to grow many strains but almost all develop some mold some worse then others. I enjoy smoking MK Ultra but it is not a good outdoor strain for high humidity areas. Even if the buds are nice at harvest there is usually some mold or rot inside that is not visible from the outside. I once found a good Barneys Farm LSD but I have gone through 6 seeds and have yet to find that same phenotype so I dont want to waste more time on that strain.

    sdf Active Member

    Aparently Kali mist and durban poison are both good for hot, humid climates

    beardofzeus Member

    I grew out a mystery seed I got from a mixed pack of freebies from peakseeds BC, and surprisingly never suffered from mold, even in Hilo in november. I Harvested in Early December, and it has great bag appeal and smell, but the taste just didn't transfer unfortunately. I still have the mother vegging in my cab, but i'm not sure if i want to keep or not.

    swampcracker Active Member

    I 've grown Nirvana's PPP, Urban Poison and Super Lemon Haze outdoors with great success here in Fl. They all needed to be checked and treated for tobacco worms regularly and I had a slight problem with mold only on the Urban. This was due to heavy rains the last week of flower. Also the Urban has a bit more Indica in the strain versus the other two. Sometimes those worms will go in , due the damage and leave. They leave a bit of webbing material or silt that will appear as mold or rot so its important to get control of them. So as far as mold resistant, go with a sativa dom if you are in high humid ares outside. As far as strength, thats a tuff one. I guess its a personal thing. I will be running the " Dutch Dragon " this year. Looks interesting.

    shizz Well-Known Member

    i grow where no one else can grow. i grow the church and swiss cheese. the trick is. a ph of 7. not only where your plants are growing. but a larger area. most mold wont grow in a alkaline soil. by making the area around your plants 9 plus on a ph scale will help you. the other trick is to make sure you have enough silica in your soil. i use green sand and alot of it. it make the cell walls of your plant waxy and hard for mold spores to attach. also around here the bad mold isnt air born it grows in the ground and it enters the plant threw the root. they say there no way to get rid of this mold. i have found its very hard to kill. but with a large amout of nitrogen in the off season it killls it. so i will as soon as i harvest put alot of chicken shit on my spot. like 2 inchs thick and at least 10ft out from my last plant. and ill do that again in spring with cow manure about 6 weeks before i plant. and when im ready to plant i put dry mustdard stalks that i harvest and grind up some all over the area. and alfalfa pellets. my grand father showed me the mustard trick and i read it some where also. something in the plant stuns the growth of mold.

    beenthere New Member

    Most of the sativa dominant strains will be more resistant to molds.

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