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Mold/Mildew Problem

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by calicollectives, Jul 29, 2010.


    calicollectives Member

    One of my growers just brought me some OG Kush that she grew for my collective. Unfortunately, one of her roommates left a wet towel in the room for a few days and they had a mold or mildew problem. She brought me the buds today and they seem a little funky. They were apparently dried up, so she put them with an orange peel to hydrate them. Looks like that worked, so they smell orangey. The weed just looks a bit too dark and the trichomes are kinda fucked up. I can post pics, tomorrow.

    So... does anyone have any ideas about this? AND my BIG, BIG question is this: can I still use the buds? Could I make cannabutter out of buds with a light mold/mildew problem and will the crap simply float to the top, so I can strain it out? I read that somewhere, so I wanted to confirm.

    Any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks.

    EnjoyIt Active Member

    First off adding an orange peel to hydrate them is the worst idea cause that can cause mold itself. I read on a site that you can bake your buds in an oven at 300degree for 15 mins and this should kill the mold. Also ingesting buds with mold on them seems to be even worse then smoking it:

    " Always be careful when attempting to re-hydrate over-dried buds by adding orange peels or water because it’s very easy to add too much moisture and fruit peels are an easy breeding ground for mold.
    It’s always advisable to not smoke marijuana with mold, however those that are willing to take the risk are advised to bake their marijuana in a oven on 300 degrees for 15 minutes to eliminate some common forms of mold. While on the subject of baking marijuana, it is important to note that most mold is far more dangerous when ingested than inhaled, which means you should be extra careful of mold when putting marijuana into edible treats. Filtering smoke through a water pipe or bong does not prevent you from inhaling mold, although some sources say it can help reduce about 15% of the mold."

    Heres a link to the site: http://sparkreport.net/2009/08/what-you-should-know-about-mold-issues-on-marijuana/

    Hope this helps!
    jack the beanstalk

    jack the beanstalk Active Member

    Toss that crap. Don't chance it.

    calicollectives Member

    Thanks very much for the input. I'm not desperate for weed at all and I'm perfectly content with tossing this oz. in the trash. However, I am going to take it to a collective I trust for a 2nd opinion. Here are some pics:

    IMG_0412.jpg IMG_0413.jpg IMG_0411.jpg

    There are a few troubling things about these meds. The scent is odd. Kind of an orange peel mixed with something. Some of the buds are a little off-colored and the entire mass is a little darker than normal. Under a microscope, the trichomes look misshapen and erratic instead of uniform and juicy.

    Any more input will be appreciated. I intend on having some friends inspect it on Sunday.

    pinned Member

    Left a wet towel is the grow area? That's felony stupidity right there, I can only imagine how that must have gone over with the grower.

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