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Molasses With Every Watering?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by user192021, Jun 18, 2009.


    user192021 Well-Known Member

    Quick question about molasses. Do you feed 1 tbl molasses per gallon of water every time you water, or every time you feed? I'm going based on the Fox Farm feeding schedule which calls for feeding every other watering. Thanks.

    Rexob715 Well-Known Member

    I only use it during flowering and start out at 1 tblspn per gallon during first two weeks, then for last two weeks, I water at 2 tblspn per gallon........every time I water.

    Oh, I will usually give nutes every time I water too, never a problem with FF.......in my experience anyway.

    user192021 Well-Known Member

    Any danger in over-feeding molasses? Other than throwing your pH way off...which I keep a close eye on anyway.

    CrackerJax New Member

    I've got some plants growing now that demand water every single day so I don't use it each time, but other than that, no, it will not harm them.

    Phenom420 Well-Known Member

    I do once a week 1 table spoon black strap.bongsmilie

    ablepipeman Active Member

    i use 3 tbl spoons every other watering. i dont see any bad side effects!

    harryCHRONICjr Member

    i add my molasses when i feed her nutes, which is every 3rd watering. 1tablespoon per gallon. should i make it more often or when i'm NOT giving her nutes?

    cbtwohundread Well-Known Member

    i like to heat the water up on the stove tp till water is boiling then i put 1-2 tb spo0ns each water erun str8 water thru once or twice a week and watch for knats,.,.,ive fed plants molases its whole life cycle even in veg once never did any harm

    lehua96734 Well-Known Member

    i usually start the molasses at 4 weeks same as nutes. all the way throught.
    Green Cross

    Green Cross Well-Known Member

    A lot depends on how often you have to water, pot size, heat, plant uptake.

    If you only have to water once a week, you could fertilize every time, but not if you're watering every day.

    Just start slow at first, once a week, then up to twice a week. I also like to flush with plain water once a month, just so salts don't build up.
    mr gmc

    mr gmc Active Member

    do you think it fattens up your buds? dose it give a mollasses taste? heard alot of people using it but only 1 person said it taste like mollasses. trying it my self.

    Phenom420 Well-Known Member

    Ive been using it on my first grow and I don't taste molasses I used it up till the last 1-2 weeks flowering, using it 1 time when I did the very last flush. My buds were pretty dense, especially for a CFL gro, and a first.

    I didn't have much for nutes to start with.
    So it's well worth it.

    Now I use it starting the 2nd week 1 table spoon a gallon every week.bongsmilie

    I dont taste molasses either man.:eyesmoke:

    Phenom420 Well-Known Member

    This should help

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    ReggaeGanja Active Member

    can u buy nutes at menards or HOME depot?
    Richie LxP

    Richie LxP Well-Known Member

    Thats a mouthfull.

    Phenom420 Well-Known Member

    More like your local garden store or hydro store, molasses can be bought about any grocery store in the baking isle OR isle that has the syrup in it (like for pancakes).

    Black strap is the best.bongsmilie

    If you cant find blackstrap them grandmaws also works well. Ive used both.bongsmilie
    Green Cross

    Green Cross Well-Known Member

    I use this one, with only good results.
    [​IMG]Grandma's Robust:

    • A blend of “first molasses,” the remaining syrup once the product is refined to produce table sugar
    • A less sweet product than Original
    • Hardier flavored product in a darker, richer color
    • Higher iron content than light molasses
    • Unsulphured – contains no additives
    • Fat-free
    • [​IMG] Kosher Certified
    • Available in 12oz. jars
    Just don't use more than 1 Tbls per gallon

    Phenom420 Well-Known Member

    Cool, haven't seen that one in my stores.
    Ill give it a try if I ever see it.:eyesmoke:
    Richie LxP

    Richie LxP Well-Known Member

    Thats nice to know mate, i thought it wa some funky shit you only get in grow shops ha ha, ill pick me up some of this in the next few days.


    Phenom420 Well-Known Member

    Yeah that's what I thought starting out as well, I would ask at grow places and they would look at me funny.

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