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molasses during veg ?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by miljo57, Nov 18, 2009.


    miljo57 Member

    i have read that molassea during flower helps but is it o.k to use it during veg? If so how much and how often.
    High Time 420

    High Time 420 Well-Known Member

    no, just flower.

    Why would you want to use it in veg?

    mamaape Member

    this is why one would use it in veg...while its benefits are more visible during flower it is important during veg as well..molasses acts as a catalyst or " carbo booster" its main function is to act as a carrier in other words it helps the plant uptake nutrients...and this is the main ingredient in any catalyst sold by a company! it helps make tightly placed nodes and that is an important factor in yields.. this works well for me and has for years make sure you use unsulphured black strap.. flower=1 Tbs per gal/ veg=1/2 Tbs per gal...i like to dissolve it in warm water first so it mixes well..hope that helps,also i am sorry if i offend by disagreeing this is not my intention..

    ReAVeR Well-Known Member

    it's the cheapest nute you'll ever buy, and really does work well. Especially better than buying a sugar additive (i.e. Sugar Daddy, which uses like half a L/g) and a carb booster (i.e. carboload etc.)

    stoned1 Well-Known Member

    Good thread.I myself use it in my veg and flowering and goes work every well.

    big2012 Member

    Hello. this is my 1st post ever. in the coming months I will post much more. im about to start a grow here in about 1 month. I have an outdoor area I will grow. but will start them indoors. probably 2 northern light auto's along with about 4 diffrent ryder strains. all soil. so I assume i should use molasis for the whole grow?

    charface Well-Known Member

    In soil it provides food for microbes if present. The microbes help make the nutrients more readily available, help with ph and more than thst im sure.
    It also has npk value im not sure of those details though.

    I use it in teas
    or When I water.
    1 tbs per gallon.
    disolve it in a small amount of hot water
    then add it to your gallon of water.
    I use it very frequently almost every time

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    Any info I give is based on what I would be comfortable doing.
    Please get other opinions.

    In nature plants don't live in plastic buckets but at my house they do or they get the f**k out.

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