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Moisture Meter?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by StaySmokin206, Jun 10, 2010.


    StaySmokin206 Active Member

    I was wondering if anyone could refer me to a fairly priced moisture meter that works since I have heard bad things about the home depot type ones. If not let me know thanks

    smallclosetgrowr Well-Known Member

    your finger ... in all seriousness u dont need one buddy, just lift the pot to see if its light or just stick your finger in the soil.the cheap moisture meters aint so bad to be honest its just the cheap ph probes u need to avoid.

    StaySmokin206 Active Member

    Well how much does a nice ph meter run? or a decent one?

    smallclosetgrowr Well-Known Member

    well u can buy a soil ph kit that u can use with water also and there cheap or u can buy the digital ph pens off ebay

    bongmarley2009 Well-Known Member

    I use both the lift the pot technique and the rapitest mini meter (single probe) which has a scale from 1-4. Got mine on ebay for less than $10 shipped.

    Edit: I use the hanna 98129 combo meter and so far it hasn't given me any problems. I've owned it for a little over a year now. It was $119 when I bought it, so definitely expensive and some people will speak against em.

    scapegoat Member

    go onto ebay i got a 3 in 1 moisture/light/ph electronic tester for 99p!!! It works great. But your finger costs nothing

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