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MMJ Farmers Market in Tacoma

Discussion in 'Washington Patients' started by slk, Sep 19, 2010.


    slk Well-Known Member

    I just saw a news clip about a farmers market in Tacoma.
    Anybody go there or have any info about this?
    I hope there are more in the future.

    assasinofyouth420 Well-Known Member

    DAMN! I wanted to go. I even wrote it down on my calendar. What did the news clip say?

    growinman Well-Known Member


    slk Well-Known Member

    [​IMG] Medical pot providers stage farmers market in Tacoma

    A smiling bouncer in a black skull and crossbones sweatshirt stood guard Sunday outside the door to a rented room where marijuana wafted through the air and reggae music pulsated.

    But only those with medical marijuana authorization forms gained entrance to an event billed as the state’s first cannabis farmers market.

    “These are farmers growing agricultural medicine, so it seemed like a no-brainer,” said Jeremy Miller, organizer and owner of Sacred Plant Medicine. “It’s a place where people can network with other patients in similar situations.”

    Miller brought in just six vendors for the “dry run,” unsure of how many people would attend the event on South Tacoma Way. Its success means he may be able to make it a monthly affair from here on out.

    It was held at the Conquering Lion, a gathering place and music venue expected to open soon.

    The walls and floor were painted black. Two banners for Sacred Heart Medicine were draped on the wall. A table with brochures and stacks of the magazine “West Coast Cannabis” welcomed visitors.

    Vendors preferred different terms – farmers, caregivers, providers. Half declined to give their names, but were happy to explain their products and how they could help people with various aches and pains.

    A steady stream of patients filtered in and out, spending time at each booth before deciding which marijuana products appealed most. Some stayed for hours, socializing with friends or sharing a joint.

    “Something like this lets people come get what they need in a safe environment,” said Justin Kravis, whose Kravi Crops booth attracted many.

    His offerings were plentiful. He had about 6 ounces of different marijuana strains marked in clear jars. There was White Widow and Pandora’s Box and Moon-wreck.

    Next to a scale and plastic baggies were brownies, Rice Krispies treats and chocolate chip cookies. Two hours after the market opened, he had only two $20 clone plants left. (A clone plant is a way to reproduce the same strain of marijuana.)

    It is illegal to sell marijuana, and state-authorized providers are allowed to grow cannabis for only one patient at a time. That’s why the farmers donated their products to the patients and patients in turn donated money to the farmers.

    “For those few minutes, (the farmer is) that one person’s caregiver,” explained one man who declined to give his name.

    On the opposite side of the room, Kathy Parkins had set up her “Cannaceuticals” booth and was busy educating patients about the effects of eating marijuana rather than smoking it.

    She offered snickerdoodles, chocolate fudge, triple chocolate cake, and fish and oyster stew mix for $5. Her hashish lollipops quickly sold out, but there were plenty of spiced tea bags and canisters of marijuana lotion.

    “This is a central location for all people who have cannabis products but don’t have a store front,” said Parkins, 54.

    She said she has been cooking for medical marijuana patients for nine years, is working on a cookbook and even gives talks at cancer institutions.

    Although everyone seemed to relish the mellow vibe inside the market, at least one vendor admitted that he had been nervous bringing in his products.

    “I was kind of paranoid coming down here,” said Greg, who offered a smile but no last name. “You’ve gotta worry. It’s still marijuana.”

    Many of the patients there to shop appeared to be in their 20s. But several others said they were in their 50s or 60s. Some used canes to walk, and at least one man came in a wheelchair.

    Ric Smith said he began using medical marijuana after first being diagnosed with HIV. In addition, he uses pot to treat leukemia, kidney failure and help with a recent stroke.

    He’s fond of saying, “Munchies save lives.” Marijuana “helped me to eat,” Smith said. “With all the operations and procedures and side effects, I had no appetite. Munchies saved my life.”

    slk Well-Known Member

    What a great idea, we should have something like this in Seattle.
    Howard Stern

    Howard Stern Well-Known Member

    Yeah I was pissed when I saw this thread. I would like to get some new ladies for my grow room. I just ordered some kush seeds but I don't know if I would take cuttings from them down there ;)

    assasinofyouth420 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Tacoma isnt as liberal with their MMJ rules as Seattle. Club 420 seems to be doing alright though.

    growinman Well-Known Member

    ........didn't they get raided/shut down a few months back?? Yep, just searched it and:

    PORT ORCHARD, Wash. -- Narcotics agents raided three locations in Pierce and Kitsap counties early Tuesday as part of an investigation into a club purporting to distribute medical marijuana, officials with the West Sound Narcotics Enforcement Team said.

    Police found a grow operation in Olalla of at least 70 plants, and at least two people are in custody in Tacoma and Olalla, said Carlos Rodriguez of Westnet, a cooperative agency of state, federal and local agencies that deals with mid to upper long-term drug investigations.

    Club 420 operated out a Tacoma office as a medical marijuana cooperative, but Rodriguez alleged that the group was selling pot to people without prescriptions, accepting "donations" of pot from people and paying donors for it. Club 420 then sold the pot to people without a legitimate medical need, he said.

    "We're not trying to take away anybody's medicine," Rodriguez said, adding that police are not targeting legitimate producers or medical users.

    Washington's Medical Marijuana Act allows someone to grow and provide marijuana for one person at any one time, but it forbids the sales of marijuana.

    A police operative with no authorization from a doctor bought marijuana from club members "in a manner that clearly indicates the organization is selling marijuana to multiple persons at a price which is even higher than it would cost to purchase on the street," the agency said in a news release.

    Detectives have surveillance video and audio recordings of the transactions during the investigation, the agency said.
    It's 'westnet' that was the problem.........and the FACT that these guys were just selling to pretty much whoever and being WAY above thier numbers, not to mention charging top dollar as 'donation.' King Co and Seattle are quite a bit more liberal, just the same though. Anybody getting away with keeping the co-ops, despenseries, or whatever you want to call them are illegal, skating by with the skin on thier teeth, riding the 'gray area' of the laws we are trying to get through.



    assasinofyouth420 Well-Known Member

    Shit. So Tacoma pretty much sucks all the way. Maybe if they legalized pot it would get rid of the Tacoma aroma, at least replace it with another aroma.

    MomaPug Active Member

    Another chance!!

    The Cannabis Farmers Market is November 21st, 2010 @ 1912 Center St. Tacoma, WA

    The world famous Cannabis Farmers Market is FREE and open to all legal medical marijuana patients. The CFM is Washington's premier source of medical cannabis attracting hundreds of patients from all around the state. This event is held monthly... [Seattle and Olympia markets opening next year!!!]


    slk Well-Known Member

    I am not going to miss it this month.

    MomaPug Active Member

    Tell us about the setup?

    slk Well-Known Member

    We have come so far in the last 10 years. This is a huge ware house must have been 30 venders and everything you would ever want.
    Great event you guys! I think the next farmers market is 12/12/10.
    I think it should be every Sunday.

    MomaPug Active Member

    Thanks for the word slk!

    ChampagneGuy Member

    Yep saw the owner dude sitting in jail on t.v news to bad. Club up n running again?

    mercury187 Active Member

    I was wondering if anyone went to the last one this month (November)? How did it go and everything, what is the quality of medicine usually like? Is it still safe to go to them? I am a new patient but a few people have said tacoma pd doesnt like this..
    Thanks in advance.

    assasinofyouth420 Well-Known Member

    I wish I had my card so I could check it out.
    Linda Peltier

    Linda Peltier Member

    ok, im new here, but not to forums or mmj....
    i went to the cfm last month....they had a doorman checking med. recommendations..
    no one allowed in but those, not sure about med. helpers....
    i had a good time...and a safe time...alot of good products were available....
    hey, guys, this is history....we make it happen...i was around when all the smoke outs in berkley happened, and was in on a few....also joined norml when it first started...been there, thru the raids for a joint no less...and all the other hassles....
    it was more like a private party than reckless....only peeps with recommends were there....as a provider, to make it more safe, there are providers forms usually available, and should be filled out....and after the donation ect. has happened they are disposed of...so for that moment, i become your provider....a little bit of trust is required there, but its about time we get it togather the right way....the donations should be put in an envelope, and given to the farmer, who then puts them away....
    and this requires honesty....i have never met such an honest group as stoners are
    in general tho....if not, kharma and word of mouth weeds them out quickly...
    we will be there proudly displaying our wares, and hope to see you all there....actually i was headed there tomorrow morning until i realized that the 12th
    was on sunday....not saturday....arch was doing the reggae music, and all seemed to be having a great time....oh, the venders may have the envelopes...this is still in the planning stage, and not a hard and fast rule yet....i hope to see you there...it will be nice to put the donations toward future crops and light bills and play catch up on those in the past....thank you all for listening....mmj farmer for over fifty yrs...hugs, L:peace::joint:

    toughwork Active Member

    okay... there is one tomorrow at

    Time: March 6, 2011 from 11am to 5pm
    Location: JMP Warehouse
    Street: 1912 Center St SE
    City/Town: Tacoma

    be sure to check out the NWgrowers table. it will have a purple table cloth and nwgreenthumb stickers

    Tomoyo Active Member

    I used to live in Tacoma but not anymore. I live in Wenatchee now. Gotta say it's like a totally different world around these parts of the state and I like living here alot better..its much slower paced and laid back.

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