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Mixing Question Advanced Nutrients

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by srhridrr4life, Nov 3, 2007.


    srhridrr4life Active Member

    This is my first hydro grow so i wanted to buy good nutrients. I just purchased a lot of nutrients from Advanced Nutrients. I have purchased the Grow, Micro, Bloom, Nirvana, SensiZym, and Piranha. I have just spent over $300 on all of this stuff. Has anyone every used all of these and if so what kind of ratios do you recommend.

    shenagen Well-Known Member

    One of the plus sides with AN is that they have a nutrient calculator...not sure how you missed it, but it will tell you all you need to know. You put in your res size, what week you're in, and what nutes you use, and it pops out a tidy little schedule for you to follow.

    bubblerking Well-Known Member

    be carefull all strains are diff some can take a shit load of nuts and some cant

    potroast Uses the Rollitup profile Staff Member

    Another thing about Advanced Nutrients, you'll see in the schedule that you have 6 or 8 more things to buy and add to your soup. And then when you have problems and you call AN tech support, they'll tell you to just add some more different ones.

    HTH :mrgreen:

    wafflehouselover Well-Known Member

    whats missing from their calculator is what strain can take what ec!

    srhridrr4life Active Member

    I did see the calculator and used it a couple of days ago, I was just wondering if anybody had any good luck with there own mix ratios. I am growing Skunk #1
    Eddie McPot

    Eddie McPot Well-Known Member

    I am using Sensi Grow and Bloom on a Sativa and a couple indicas so far all look healthy. I am going to keep with the schedule and see if anything differs between the two different strains in one bubbler. I am really hoping the sativa will be a good mother. I am not using any other additives yet.

    mcaaz943 Active Member

    hey dude i grow using AN sensi bloom,voodoo juice,big bud and carboload.I use there nute calc and only put 50 percent in and i got 3 nd half o's off 2 lowryder 2's

    Stonercool Member

    Wow. This is an old one. Just like me :blsmoke:

    But really, check out the calculator. The Advanced Nutrients site has it on the first page, I think. While I'm not sure a newbie is going to find it easy to use, it's a great place to start when you have questions to answer.

    Which is ALL THE TIME, right? :peace:

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